Higher Education Tax Benefits

Form 1098-T is entitled “Tuition Statement” and contains information to assist you and the IRS in determining if there is eligibility for a tax benefit from the American Opportunity Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, or a tuition and fees deduction.  The College is required to file this statement with each qualifying student and the IRS using the exact code and regulatory specifications that have been subscribed by the IRS.

**Important Change in Reporting for Form 1098-T Starting with 2018**

The IRS has stipulated changes via federal law starting with the 2018 calendar year. 1098-T forms from all colleges and universities will report payments received and applied in the calendar year for qualified tuition and related expenses in Box 1. Please note this two-fold requirement. Box 2 is now blank, as required by the IRS, whereas in previous years it reported qualified tuition and related expenses that were billed to you.

The 1098-T form is an informational tool for your personal records, and is not required to be submitted with your tax return. Determination of eligibility for an educational tax credit is the responsibility of the taxpayer. It is advisable that the taxpayer keep their own financial records and/or detail from the student account statements to substantiate their claims.

Disclaimer: This section of our website is informational only and does not constitute tax advice. The web content does not constitute an official document nor has this material been approved by the IRS or U.S. Treasury. Please be aware that Manhattan College is not responsible for determining a student’s eligibility or to calculate any education credit that can be claimed. You should seek the counsel of an informed tax advisor or consult directly with the IRS. Resource Information is below.

  • When is the Form Issued? How Can I Retrieve the Form?

    The College will issue Form 1098-Ts by January 31 of each calendar year to qualifying students. The tax form will be issued electronically with an accompanying email notification alerting the student that the tax form is available in the Student Account Suite at manhattan.edu/MyAccount under “My Account” then “Statements”. Please be sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled if you are unable to retrieve the form once selecting it. The tax form for each calendar year remains in the ‘Statement’ history.

    Students have the ability to grant Authorized Users access to the form or they may download the form and share it accordingly. To assign an Authorized User, the student will select menu item ‘Authorized User’, select the access types, and enter the user’s email address. The Authorized User will receive an immediate email with log-in instructions.

    By tax code regulation, if the student did not consent to receive the form electronically, the College will mail Form 1098-T to the home address on the College’s records as of the January date the forms are prepared in addition to making the form available electronically in the Student Account Suite. It is the responsibility of the student to report changes to their permanent address with the Office of the Registrar.

  • Where Can I Get Details About Amounts Listed on My Form 1098-T?

    Additional details about the calculation of the amounts on your 1098-T can be found by logging into the Student Account Suite (manhattan.edu/MyAccount) and selecting “My Account”, then “Current Activity”  and “Payment History.”


  • Who Will Receive a Form 1098-T?

    You should receive a form 1098-T if you were a student enrolled in any course(s) for credit at Manhattan College during the terms within the Calendar Year, you had payments apply to qualified tuition and related expenses during the calendar year, and you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. You will also receive a Form 1098-T if you were charged and paid for any Spring course(s) prior to December 31. Finally, the College is not required to report 1098-Ts to non-resident alien students, but note that non-resident alien students will be issued a 1098-T form if a valid TIN (Taxpayer ID Number/SSN) is on record and the student is otherwise eligible. If you were not issued a form and otherwise qualify, you may contact the Office of the Registrar to submit documents for your TIN/SSN to be entered onto your student record and then you may request to know your eligibility to have a form issued prior to the established IRS deadlines.

  • Why Is Box 1 Less than the Total Payments I Made?

    The amount of your payment reported in Box 1 is limited by the total amount of Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses billed during the calendar year.

  • What are Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses?

    Qualified tuition and related expenses are defined as tuition and certain related expenses required and billed in the calendar year as a condition of enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. Unqualified expenses include room & board, meal plans, parking, and health insurance, etc.

  • Information Reported on the Form 1098-T

    Box 1—The total payments from any source received and applied by an eligible educational institution in the calendar year for ‘qualified tuition and related expenses’ less any reimbursements or refunds made during the calendar year that relate to payments received during the calendar year. Payments in Box 1 include all your personal payments, as well as loans, scholarships, grants, third-party payments, tuition remission, waivers, and other adjustments to qualified tuition and related expenses. The total of payments listed will be limited by the total amount of Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses billed during the calendar year.

    Box 2—Reserved as blank. Due to the change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year, the amount of payments paid and applied toward qualified tuition and related expenses during the calendar will be reported in Box 1.

    Box 3—Designates whether the college or university changed its method of reporting for the calendar year. This box will be checked for the calendar year as the reporting method change was subscribed by IRS regulation for all colleges and universities.

    Box 4— Per the IRS, this box will be blank for the calendar year as 2018 was the first year the College has reported payments but this box may be populated in future calendar years. This box includes the amount(s) of any adjustment(s) made for prior-year payments received and/or qualified tuition and related expenses that were reported on a prior-year Form 1098-T.

    Box 5—Includes the total of all scholarships, grants, and awards administered and processed by the College. 

    Box 6—The amount of any adjustments made in the calendar year to prior-year scholarships, grants, and awards that were reported on a prior year Form 1098-T.

    Box 7—Will be checked if the amount in Box 1 (total payments) includes amounts for an academic period beginning January–March of the calendar year. See the IRS Pub 970 for how to report these amounts.

    Box 8—Indicates whether you are considered to be carrying at least one-half the normal full-time workload for your course of study at Manhattan College.

    Box 9—Indicates whether you are considered to be enrolled in a program leading to a graduate degree, graduate-level certificate, or other recognized graduate-level educational credential during any of the semesters included in the calendar year reporting.

    Box 10—Will always be blank on any 1098-T form you receive from Manhattan College