Education & Health Tuition

New Students Entering 2020-21

Annual Tuition Financing Tip Sheet for Education & Health Students

Direct costs billed by Manhattan College Commuter Resident
Full-Time Tuition 41,600 41,600
Program Fee (varies by School) 1,560 1,560
Comprehensive Fee (new students) 2,260 2,260
Room & Board Unlimited Plan   — 17,380
Dorm Damage Deposit (one-time fee) 300
Annual Tuition & Fees* 45,420 63,100
Student Health Insurance** 2,625 2,625
Fall-only Cost *Subtract deposit paid from Fall-only Cost* 22,710 31,700

Fall 2020 eBills will be generated by July 10, 2020/due August 10, 2020. Spring 2021 eBills will be generated by December 4, 2020/due January 4, 2021

Indirect Costs (Expenses allowed, not billed)    
Books/Supplies 1,200 1,200
Miscellaneous 1,200 1,200
Transportation 1,200 900
Room/Board Commuter 2,500

 Tips & Payment Plan

*Education students excluding Radiological & Health Professions will be assessed a $40 Electronic Portfolio Fee.

**If you have not waived the MC-SHIP health insurance coverage for the Fall & Spring academic year, you will see a charge of $2,625 on your statement for the health insurance plan ($1,525 if enrolled Spring only). For more information on whether your student status places you under the health insurance mandate and for information and deadlines for the online waiver/enrollment process, please visit:


Contact Manhattan College Office of Student Accounts & Bursar Services at 718-862-7961 or