Health Professions Tuition

Continuing Students in 2023-24

Annual Tuition Financing Tip Sheet for Health Professions Students

Direct costs billed by Manhattan College Commuter Resident
Full-Time Tuition 46,100 46,100
Program Fee (varies by School) 1,740 1,740
Comprehensive Fee 1,660 1,660
Room & Board (Ultimate Plan) 4 Person Suite or Double Occupancy Room 18,440
Annual Tuition & Fees* 49,500 67,940
Room & Board (Ultimate Plan) Single Room (Chrysosotom Hall) 20,800
Double Room Apartment Room & Board (Ultimate Plan Horan Hall) 21,960
Double Room Apartment Room & Board (Apartment Meal Plan Horan Hall) 20,960
Apartment Single Room & Board (Ultimate Plan Horan Hall)  24,280
Apartment Single Room & Board (Apartment Meal Plan Horan Hall)  23,300
Student Health Insurance** 2,198 2,198

Fall 2023 eBills will be generated by July 7, 2023/due August 7, 2023. Spring 2024 eBills will be generated by December 8, 2023/due January 3, 2024.

Indirect Costs (Expenses allowed, not billed)    
Books/Supplies 1,200 1,200
Miscellaneous 1,200 1,200
Transportation 1,200 900
Room/Board Commuter 2,500

 Tips & Payment Plan

Your cost of attendance (COA) less all aid offered on your award letter is the maximum amount that may be borrowed in loans. We encourage you to only borrow what you need.

*Monthly Payment Plan: $50 enrollment fee per semester for 5 monthly payments. See payment plan for more information.

**Student Health Insurance will be assessed to all international students, resident students and students participating in intercollegiate athletics. The charge can be waived if proof of existing comparable coverage is submitted by the published deadline and approved by the insurance provider.  If you have not waived the MC-SHIP health insurance coverage for the Fall & Spring academic year, you will see a charge of $2,198on your statement for the health insurance plan ($1,279 if enrolled Spring only). For more information on whether your student status places you under the health insurance mandate and for information and deadlines for the online waiver/enrollment process, please visit: The 2023-2024 MC-SHIP rates are currently estimated and are subject to change.


Contact Manhattan College Office of Student Accounts & Bursar Services at 718-862-7961 or