SRC Note Taker Contract

  • Note takers must deliver legible notes –if your notes are too light (this can happen if you take notes using a pencil or you have not adjusted the copy machine correctly) or your handwriting is not easy to read do NOT apply 
  • You must sign-in weekly even if you did not take notes (ex. The class watched a movie) and adjacent to your signature write “no notes” 
  • The minimum GPA necessary to become a note taker is 3.0 
  • You will be removed as a note taker if you fail to follow the aforementioned rules and you will NOT be paid for classes completed at the time your contract is terminated (all or nothing) 
  • Note takers will be paid $75 if they take notes for the full semester 
  • Note takers will be paid a minimum of $25 for their service if notes are not needed for the whole semester (ex. Temporary note taker, student drops class, etc) 
  • If you are enrolled in a class with the SAME PROFESSOR but within a different section you may still become a note taker.