Temporary Accommodations

Manhattan College will provide reasonable accommodations for students with temporary disabilities. The Specialized Resource Center (SRC) is available to assist with appropriate accommodations as needed. 

Documentation must be provided from your doctor that includes the injury, length of time for recovery, and any relevant information regarding limitations.

Once the application is received along with supporting documentation, you will be contacted to discuss possible accommodations.

The Specialized Resource Center can provide confirmation of medical need and a time frame and assist with reasonable accommodations coordinated between the faculty and the student.

Please note the following:

  • The Specialized Resource Center cannot provide transportation.
  • The Specialized Resource Center cannot approve remote learning as an accommodation.  Attendance is important to be successful in your courses. Please refer to Manhattan College’s Attendance Policy.
  • You are responsible for completing all required coursework during your recovery and it must be coordinated with your professors directly.
  • You must keep an open line of communication with your professors regarding your progress.
  • Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

The Specialized Resource Center does not have any involvement with Leaves of Absence  As a reference, the College’s Procedures can be found here: Leave of Absence


Temporary Accommodations Application