Academic Accommodation

All adaptive technology will be handled by the Specialized Resource Center (SRC). Students must contact the SRC two weeks prior to needing any of the adaptive technological pieces.

  • Acquisition of Adaptive Technology
    • The narrow band of specialties often associated with many of the hardware and software manufacturers of adaptive equipment may at times leave only a single vendor offering a specific product. If this is the case, it must be documented by contacting a minimum of two other vendors within the same field.
    • All purchases are subject to the parameters set forth by the business manager.
    •  Whenever possible, both hardware and software will be placed within an integrated setting, such as one of the computer labs on campus.
    • Whenever possible, both hardware and software will be available to the Manhattan College community at large, when not being used by a special-needs student.
    • All items purchased for use by SRC students are the property of Manhattan College.
    • Requests must be submitted in writing to the SRC director.

    Academic adjustments or auxiliary aids should not alter the integrity of faculty’s curricular components. The SRC counts on faculty input to maintain its efficacy, regarding the SRC’s mandate to create an environment built on equal access for all students. The best plan of action is typically created during office hours, with a faculty member and student in attendance, without the intervention of the SRC; think of the academic adjustments and auxiliary aids listed on the form as guideposts. Requests must be submitted in writing to the SRC director.

  • Requesting a Course Substitution
    • Student submits necessary documentation supporting diagnosis to the SRC.
    • Student must forward a letter to the SRC containing:
      • The specific course to be substituted
      • An explanation as to how the student's needs impact the course in question
    • The SRC determines if there is a need for further documentation.
    • The SRC contacts the dean of the school in which the student is registered. As a result of this collaboration, one of the following possibilities may be rendered:
      • Course substitution granted
      • Course must be attempted with adjustments clearly delineated
      • Course must be attempted with no adjustments deemed necessary
    • A member of the SRC will explain the decision rendered to the student.
    • Decisions will be determined within 25 school days, after receipt of all material required by the SRC from the student.
    • The student may appeal the decision by following the grievance procedure.