L.I.F.T.: Spiritual Retreats

Lasallians in Faith Together, or the L.I.F.T. Program, is CMSA’s vision of the retreat program, encompassing all retreats offered off campus.

Each retreat is unique and full of the many opportunities to meet new people, reflect, and take a break from hectic campus life. We welcome people of all faith backgrounds and experiences. 

All retreats occur in a quiet, relaxing location—perfect for reflection and contemplation—all while meeting new friends who share your interests. Come join us for an unforgettable retreat experience! All are welcome!

Retreats for 2020-2021:

  • The Pause Retreat: Fall Semester

    The Pause Retreat offers students an opportunity to more deeply explore their spirituality and faith journey through one on one conversations with a spiritual guide on campus. Students will be paired with a spiritual guide on campus, to meet 5-6 times a semester.

    Who Goes?

    The Pause Retreat is open to all students! 

    What Happens?

    The retreat is rooted in Lasallian tradition & spirituality and welcomes students of all faith and spiritual backgrounds who desire to more deeply explore their own connection to the spirit. Students will meet 5-6 times in a semester for an hour with a spiritual guide.


    This retreat can happen virtually or in person, depending on your preference! 


    This is a personal retreat. You will be asked to meet 5-6 times in a semester with a spiritual guide. In addition, we recommend extra time for journaling, personal reflection, and prayer. 

    How Much?

    This retreat is free! 

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  • The Local Escape Retreat: Sundays This Fall

    The Local Escape retreat is an opportunity to take a break from campus life, connect with other Jaspers, reflect, and explore new parts of the Riverdale neighborhod! This retreat will take place every other Sunday this Fall, will require some walking, and masks! 

    Who Goes?

    The Local Escape retreat is open to all students! 

    What Happens?

    The retreat is a local exploration of parks in the Riverdale area, with a focus on spirituality, reflection, and connection with your Jasper community! 

    When & Where?

    October 11th: Wave Hill Park

    October 25th: Hudson River Park

    November 8th: Van Cortland Park


    How Much?

    All free! 

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  • Lasallian Colleges and Universities Association for Justice (LCUAJ)

    Campus Ministry and Social Action wants to invite you to a leadership, social justice, and networking experience this fall! 


    For the past several yars, CMSA and a cohort of students have attended the Ignatian Family Teach In every November in Washington, D.C. 


    The Ignatian Family Teach In is an annual conference that brings together 1,000s of students from across the country to learn about social justice issues & engage in prayer and advocacy. This year we will be attending the IFTJ conference virtually. 


    We will also be part of a cohort of students/faculty/staff from other Lasallian institutions, called the Lasallian Colleges and Universities Association for Justice.  We will make connections between what we learn at the IFTJ & advocacy in the Lasallian tradition. The group will take what we learn at the conference and put it into action. 


    We believe this opportunity is a great one for you! You will have the chance to hear incredible speakers, network with other Lasallian college students from around the country, enhance your leadership skills, and come to a deeper understanding of social issues like climate justice, racial justice, and migration justice. 


     The commitment for this experience will be from October 2020 to January 2021. We will be meeting several weekends, which we have outlined below. 


    We hope you will consider this excellent opportunity to learn, grow, advocate, and connect. 


    Learn more about the IFTJ here: https://ignatiansolidarity.net/iftj/ 

    Learn more about our Lasallian group here: https://www.fscdena.org/2019/11/19/manhattan-students-join-lasallian-peers-at-ignatian-teach-in/



    Who Goes?

    The LCUAJ is an open application for the entire student body. After the application and interview, a group will be chosen to attend the Teach-In in Washingon, D.C. 


    What Happens?

    LCUAJ will engage students in the social justice topics of Racism, Inequality, and Migration Reform through speakers, reflections, break-out sessions, and group discussions. 


    All virtual! 


    Save the Dates

    #1 Introduction & Getting Started Meeting - Sat 10/17

    #2 MC Group Preparation  - Week of 10/19

    #3 Lasallians at ISN Teach-In - Saturday & Sunday 10/24 and 10/25

    #4 Manhattan debrief - Week of 10/26

    #5 Lasallian collective debrief - Saturday 10/31

    #6 Advocacy Action - Monday 01/18

    How Much?

    CMSA covers the costs of transportation, lodging, the conference fee, and 2 meals during the weekend. All other meals will be covered by students. 

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The best experience of my life. I encourage everybody to participate in a retreat like this at some point in their lives. It was life changing.

Kairos Retreat Participant 2016

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