Post-Graduate Opportunities

Serving in a post-graduate volunteer program after Manhattan College can be a meaningful way to serve in a community-based organization, or school,  while engaging questions of social justice, solidarity and simple living. There are over 200 secular and faith-based post-graduate service organizations to choose from. Throughout the year, CMSA offers a number of programs to help students determine if post graduate service is a good option for them. If you are curious about this process, and what a year of service could look like for you, we recommend spending time researching and speaking with recruiters, former volunteers, mentors, and fellow Jasper Alumni that have experienced a year of service themselves!

Upcoming Events:

There are no scheduled events at this time. 

Post-Graduate Organizations:

Below is a list of organizations that offer full-time, supported, post graduate volunteer opportunities. Many of these organizations will visit Manhattan College for the Post-Grad Volunteer Fair that takes place each Fall. The following service opportunities are available for students to consider:

Accelerate Institute - The Ryan Fellowship (Domestic 2-Year Teaching)

Alliance for Catholic Education (Domestic 2-Year Teaching)

Amate House (Domestic 1-Year)

Americorps VISTA (Domestic 1-Year)

Bilingual Education for Central America (International 1-Year)

Border Servant Corps (Domestic 1-Year)

City Year (Domestic 1-Year)

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (Domestic 1-Year)

CORO Fellows (Domestic 1-Year)

Desales Service Works (Domestic 1-Year)

Franciscan Mission Service

Franciscan Volunteer Ministry (Domestic 2-Year Service)


Good Shepherd Volunteers (Domestic 1-Year)

Habitat for Humanity (Domestic 1-Year)

Jesuit Volunteer Corps (Domestic 1 Year, International 2-Years)

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest (Domestic 1-Year)

L'Arche (Domestic & International, 1-Year)

Loretto Volunteers (Domestic 1-Year)

LU-CHOICE (Domestic 2-Year Teaching)

Maryknoll Lay Missioners (International 2-Years)

Mercy Volunteer Corps (Domestic 1-Year, International 1-2 Years)

Nativity Preparatory School - Worcester, MA (Domestic 1-Year)

Nativity Preparatory School - Boston, MA (Domestic 1-Year)

Neighborhood 360 Fellows  (Domestic 1-Year)

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers - Americorps (Domestic 1-Year)

Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education - PLACE Corps (Domestic 2-Year Teaching)

Peace Corps (International, 27 Months)

Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE) (Domestic 1-Year)

Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (UCCE) (Domestic 2-Year Teaching)

Rostro de Cristo (International 1-Year)

Saint Bernard’s Project (Domestic 1-Year)

Salesian Lay Missioners

St. Joseph Worker Program (Domestic 1-Year)

WorldTeach (International)

Young Adult Volunteer Program of the Presbyterian Church (International 1-Year)


Helpful Resources:

Catholic Volunteer Network

Manhattan College Alumni

Julia Canigianie ‘2019, Christian Appalachian Project

Kaiyun Chen ’2019 Lasallian Volunteers

Conlan McDonald ’2019 Lasallian Volunteers

Ivan Montoya ’2019 Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Reilly Love Rebhahn ’19 Loretto Volunteers

Samantha Wilson ’19 Lasallian Volunteers 

Alannah Boyle ‘2018, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

Melanie O’Connor ‘2018, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Cameron Gribbons ‘2018, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Julia Jenkins, 2018, Peace Corps

Soremi Lockhart ‘2017, City Year

Caroline O’Connell ‘2017, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Chris Hoey 2017, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Anthony Fischetti ‘2016, Rostro de Cristo

Natalie Heinitz ‘2016, Peace Corps

Katherine Hyche ‘2016, Jesuit Volunteer Corps North West

Jo-Ann Mullooly, 2016, Lasallian Volunteers

Kathryn Varone, 2016, Lasallian Volunteers

Kevin Moran ‘2016 Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Charlene Frankini ‘2015, Jesuit Volunteer Corps North West

John Tudisco, 2015, Lasallian Volunteers

Lindsey Pamlanye 2015, Lasallian Volunteers

Kaylee Gendron ‘2015, Americorps

Sheena Mullan 2015, Lasallian Volunteers

Kelly Cousins ‘2015, Ameson Foundation

Tegan Nelson ‘2014, Rostro de Cristo

Anthony DiCesare ‘2014, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Corps

Kathleen White ‘2014, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Carlos Orbe 2014, Lasallian Volunteers

Ivy Seraphin 2014, Lasallian Volunteers