The Telecommunications Office serves internal and external callers and telephone system users with switchboard services, telephone equipment services, voicemail and other support services.

Contact the Telecommunications Office via email at

Campus Telephone System Instructions

Dialing Instructions

  • For campus calls, simply dial the 4-­digit extension ex. 7116
  • For off­-campus calls, dial “9”, then the full telephone number starting with “1” ex. 9 1 718-862-­7116
  • For international calls, dial 9 011 and the country code and telephone number

There are additional features such as voicemail­-to-­email. To request assistance you may contact

Voicemail Process

Voicemail can be accessed by dialing *17 from campus or 718-862-­7116 from off­-campus.

Setup your new voice mailbox

  • You will be required to initialize your voicemail and set-up a password.
  • You may optionally set up a personalized greeting and enable advanced features such as voicemail-­to-­email.
  • First time you log in to your mailbox, you do not have a created password.
  • Press # for your first-time password.
  • You will be prompted to create a new password and record your name.

Login to the Voicemail System

  • Dial *17 (star one seven) or press the MESSAGE button.
  • Enter your extension number and # (Note: at your own phone logging into your mailbox, you can press # for your extension number.
  • Enter your password and #. Your password for the initial login is #.
  • First time log­in: The system prompts you to enter new password followed by #.
  • Enter your new password and #.
  • The system will prompt you to enter your new password a second time.
  • Enter password again and your new password will be set.
  • First time log­in: The system will prompt you to record a name on your mailbox (this does not take the place of your personal greeting).
  • Press 1, say your name, and press 1 again, press # to approve.

***You can usually dial through a voice prompt to enter a command. However, you cannot dial through error messages or prompts that the system wants you to hear.

Administering Your Personal Greeting

***You may include the “dial 0” option in your greeting. This will transfer a caller to an employee who can assist them.

  • After logging in to your mailbox, press 3 to administer personal greetings.
  • To create, change, or delete a greeting press 1. To listen to a recorded greeting press 0.
  • Enter greeting number (1­-9).
  • At the tone, record your greeting. After recording greeting, press 1.
  • To re-­record your greeting press 2,1. To approve your greeting press #. To start recording where you left off press 1. To play your greeting back press 2,3.
  • Press 1 to activate your greeting.
  • Press the # sign to return to the Activity Menu.

Activity Menu

  • To record messages press 1.
  • To get messages, press 2.
  • To administer personal greeting, press 3.
  • To access personal configuration, press 5.
  • To change password, press 4.
  • To change name, press 5.

Shortcut: If you would like to bypass an internal user’s greeting and go directly to leaving a message, press 1 when you hear their greeting.

Voicemail-to-email option  

You have the option to have your campus office phone voicemail send you an email notification with the voice message as another way to access your voicemails while you are away from your office. To enroll in this option, please go to the Voicemail to Email Opt-in form

Telephone Service Request Form

Please fill out the telephone change request form for change requests or the telephone issue form for assistance with issues related to your phone.


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