Study in destinations as close as Maine and as remote as South America.

Manhattan College administers several programs in cities around the globe that allow students to transfer a portion, if not all, of their Manhattan College institutional merit scholarship and need-based grant money. Tuition costs abroad for Manhattan College-sponsored programs are comparable with tuition paid in Riverdale. 

  • Semester Programs


    Buenos Aires (Fall or Spring)

    Develop your Spanish language skills while taking courses in Latin American/Argentine culture and literature, political science, Argentine history through cinema and theater, science and mathematics. You will also have the opportunity to be placed as volunteers with organizations and agencies. Students earn 15 credits by choosing:

    • 6 or 9 credits in the Spanish language (beginners, intermediate or advanced)
    • 6 or 9 credits in a variety of humanities classes taught in English


    Paris (Fall or Spring)

    Immerse yourself in French language and culture while earning 15-credits in a variety of fields: humanities, social sciences, business administration, etc. This exchange program is open to all majors who have completed at least an intermediate college-level course in French or the equivalent. Manhattan College, in cooperation with MICEFA, places students in most of the 16 universities around Paris and its region.


    Rome Full Semester (Spring)

    Led by two professors, one from Manhattan College and one from Lewis University, students from six Lasallian Colleges and Universities will experience Italy together while completing major, minor and general education requirements that are transferable to their home institutions. All courses are offered in English and the program is designed to accommodate the curricular needs of a diverse array of student majors from Liberal Arts, Business and more.

    • Program includes excursions to Assisi, Pisa, and other popular Italian destinations
    • Additional opportunities for travel on weekends and during spring break
    • Meal plan and housing in single person rooms at the Lasallian Universities Center for Education (LUCE) are included
    Rome Hybrid: On-Campus Course + 12-day trip to Italy (Spring)

    Christian Faith and the Arts (RELS 200) | Credits: 3

    This hybrid program that allows students to study on Manhattan College’s campus for the spring semester and complete the course by taking a 12-day trip to Rome and Assisi, Italy at the end of May. 

    Florence (Fall or Spring)

    Immerse yourself in Italian culture through language, music, art and academics. In addition to language courses, you may choose from a variety of humanities courses, taught in English. Local social events and excursions are included in the program.

    Northern Ireland

    Multiple Locations (Fall or Academic Year)

    The Irish American Scholars Program enables a limited number of American students to spend one or two semesters at one of the following universities or colleges in Northern Ireland, tuition free:

    • Belfast Metropolitan College 
    • Queens University Belfast
    • St. Mary’s University College
    • Stranmillis University College
    • University of Ulster

    Accepted students may opt for courses in any subject area available. Applications for Fall 2017 travel are due Feb. 1, 2017. Read more about the Irish American Scholars Program.



    Barcelona (Fall or Spring)

    Gain knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the ever-changing global world. We offer two programs:

    Business Program - Lasalle Barcelona

    • Business courses: Business law, marketing, management, economics, finance, and accounting

    Communications Program - Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, Barcelona

    • Communications courses: advertising, journalism, media, marketing, and public relations (taught in English)
    Madrid (Spring only)

    Study Spanish language and immerse yourself in Spanish culture during a semester at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The program runs under the direction of a Manhattan College director and the humanities classes are taught in English by Manhattan College faculty members.

  • Summer Programs

    The following programs are being offered in summer 2016. Please check with the Study Abroad office for additional information about these current programs.  All dates are tentative and prices will vary.


    Bimini | Sensation and Perception (PSYC 367)| Credits: 3 | 

    For more than 20 years, researchers have studied the behavioral ecology of spotted and bottlenose dolphins in the Bahamas. The Bahamian dolphin populations are very acclimated to human beings, allowing for the unique opportunity to observe these animals in their natural environment. This program offers students the opportunity to earn credit for a required course in the biological content area of the Psychology major (can be used as an elective for other majors) where they will learn about sensory systems while actively being involved with research studying the behavior and communication of dolphins.


    Zagreb | RELS 300 or SOC 315 | Credits: 3

    Examine the rich religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in terms of their relations to one another and the past in Zagreb. Croatia is at the nexus of many religions and multiethnic identities, a vibrant and complex history. The class will look at the intersections of identity, religion, ethnicity and how this impacts war, nation-building, and genocide. The experience includes meetings with human rights groups and organizations to analyze the positive solutions and cooperation between identities post-war and genocide.


    Lyon | French Language & Mechanical Engineering | Credits: TBA | Open to All Engineering Majors

    Program description: TBA


    London | Practicum in Groups (EDUG 725) or Advanced Practicum for Counselors (EDUG 850) | Credits: 3 | Open to All Counseling Majors

    Take a course and engage in an international experience in groups. The weeklong trip includes a 3-day group relations conference at the Tavistock Clinic in London. This accelerated learning experience and reflective space is designed to enable participants to understand in greater depth the factors behind the exercise of effective leadership and to broaden and deepen their own leadership capacity and the leadership potential of others.


    Legon | African Christianity-The Christian Experience in Ghana (RELS 300)| Credits: 3

    Investigate the ways in which Christianity, particularly Christian theology, finds expression on the continent of Africa, with particular attention to Ghana. You will have the opportunity to study traditional African religions, Western Christianity, and European Christianity as well as the theological exchange between Africans of the Diaspora and Ghanaians after two trips to slave dungeons/castles along the coast of Ghana.


    Dublin | Transport Phenomenon for Biomedical Engineering (CHML 411)| Credits: 3| Open to Engineering Majors

    Program description TBA.


    Florence | Italian Language Course -- Plus One | Credits: 3

    Develop your Italian language skills — available to learners at all levels — at the Instituto Europeo while you earn three credits in one of the following English-taught courses:

    • Aspects of Italian Culture
    • Spirituality in the Sacred and the Secular
    • Topics in Literature: Dante
    • International Mass Communication: Italian Media/Mass Media & Coverage of European Refugee Crisis 
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry in Winemaking 
    • Field trips to Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Vinci, Rome and other sites of artistic and historic interests are included to enhance the cultural experience.
    Pisa | Media, Space and the City (SOC 201/305) | Credits: 3

    Spend ten days in the beautiful Tuscan city of Pisa. The course will examine how new media, social media and other forms of media consumption are transforming social relations in a city with a distinct (and profitable) past. Can changing media consumption really change how people view, live, and interact in medium-size Italian city? Does history still matter to new media savvy citizens of Pisa?


    Madrid | Spanish Language and Religion and Spanish Culture | Credits: 6

    Immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture in this two-course summer program. In addition to taking a 3-credit Spanish language course -- offered at all levels-- at a local university, you will take a 3-credit Religion and Spanish Cultures course with Madrid and its surrounding cities as your classroom. Field trips to sites of artistic and historic interest are included and arranged by a Manhattan College program director.

    Study Away (U.S.A)

    Georgetown, Maine | Religious Studies Course: Contemplating the Good Life (RELS 300) | Credits: 3

    At a site situated on a 50-acre peninsula in Georgetown Island, Maine, you will reflect on the meaning of "the Good Life" while studying Henry David Thoreau and contemporary back-to-the-landers in a tranquil, woodland setting. Through lectures, field trips, group discussions, and opportunities for hands-on work with boat building, gardening and forestry, the course explores themes such as the tensions between autonomy and belonging, solitude and community, utopianism and nostalgia, engagement and escape. 

  • January Intersession


    Buenos Aires | Art in Argentina: From the Collapse of Spanish Colonialism to the Present (INTL 313) | Credits: 3

    Discover the political, social, and cultural history of Argentina since the Spanish conquest to today through art.

    • Dec. 30, 2016 - Jan. 14, 2017


    Paradise Island | Yoga : Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health | Credits: 3

    A study of the theory and practice of yoga and investigate what modern science has to say about its physical and mental outcomes. The course includes an experiential component at the Sivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat. Daily schedule will include silent meditation, communal chanting, asana (postures) practice, and stress reduction techniques taught by Warriors at Ease.

    • Open to all majors
    • Jan. 9-14, 2017


    London | Literary London (EN292) | Credits: 3

    Immerse yourself in London's literary landscape during a course that integrates readings with visits to significant sites. Theater performances and day trips outside London are included. 

    • Open to all majors
    • Dec. 27, 2016 - Jan. 11, 2017


    Paris | Special Topics: Paris, Religion and the Intellectual Life (RELS 200/300) | Credits: 3

    Examine the history and influence of the University of Paris. This 3-credit course presents how famed alumni, including Thomas Aquinas, T.S. Elliot and Victor Hugo, shaped the world.

    • Open to all majors
    • Dec. 27, 2016 - Jan. 13, 2017
    Paris | Special Topics: Saints and Catholic Imagination (RELS 200/300) | Credits: 3

    Examines the function of holy men and women within their religious traditions as well as their ethical perspectives on the contemporary world. Included will be a study of the cult of Saints, hagiography, and Saints of own time, with an emphasis on the Parisian church.

    • Open to all majors
    • Dec. 27, 2016 - Jan. 13, 2017


    Venice | Multiple Course Options | Credits: 3

    Commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Venetian Jewish Ghetto — the oldest such ghetto in the world. Based at the Venetian Center for International Jewish Studies, the city of Venice will be your classroom. You will explore how Venetian Jews have negotiated their identities in relation to Venetian culture since the sixteenth centuries.

    Dates: Dec. 27, 2016 - Jan. 14, 2017

    The program may count as one of the following courses:

    • Special Topics in Religious Studies (RELS 300)
    • Special Topics in Art (ART 402)
    • Roots of the Modern World: Art
    • Art Elective
  • Spring Break Programs


    Havana | Multiple Course Options | Credits: Varies

    Learn about Cuban art, art history and interpersonal communication during a first- hand look at the impact of recent changes in Cuba - U.S. relations. The program includes several field trips and excursions, cultural activities, and work on a research project.

    The program may count as one of the following courses:

    • Any Spanish department course
    • Cuba: Tropical Socialism (SOC 316) | Credits: 2
    • Independent study (SPAN 219) | Credits: 1

    This program is next offered during the Spring 2018 semester.

  • Other Programs

    In addition to the Manhattan College sponsored programs, you may study abroad in programs offered at universities on all continents. The College offers programs through such affiliates as AIFS, IES, ISA (Butler University), Arcadia University and Globalinks Learning Abroad. Exchange programs are also available.

    Manhattan College is a member of two consortiums, the Lasallian International Programs Consortium and the Lower Hudson Consortium. Students may participate in their study abroad programs, as well. The Lower Hudson Consortium does not have a website, so please contact the Study Abroad office for further information.

    For a complete listing of all available programs, visit the Study Abroad office where you can research the programs listed in the IIE passport books, as well as catalogs and brochures supplied by outside study abroad programs.


    The following websites offer additional information about study abroad programs: