Apply Early

The earlier you apply, the greater the chance you will be accepted. You may apply to more than one program; however, please note that each program might have different requirements.

Once you have decided upon the program(s) you wish to apply to, the following steps need to be completed in the order listed:

1. Submit a Preliminary Form.

2. Meet with the study abroad advisor for guidance on programming and to ensure your eligibility.

3. Begin the passport and visa (if needed) application process as soon as you decide to study abroad. Study Abroad personnel will not purchase airline tickets without a copy of a valid passport. A passport is not valid if it expires within six months of the date of your departure from the United States.

4a. Select the courses you wish to take through the program you’ve selected. Then finalize your course selections and get approval from your major/minor advisor and your academic advisor. Be sure to select at least two alternate courses.

4b. At the same time, discuss with your advisors your schedule for the semester when you return from studying abroad. You are responsible for registering while you are abroad.

5. Before leaving your study abroad program, be sure to request an official transcript be mailed to the study abroad advisor at Manhattan College.

Additional Forms

After you have submitted the Preliminary Form and decided on a program and you have been approved by the Study Abroad office you will need to submit the following forms:

Consent Forms

Short-Term Consent Form - for those studying abroad for 5 weeks or less.

Long-Term Consent Form - for Sstudents studying abroad for a semester or longer.

Forms for All Programs