Manhattan College is now using a software system called MAP-Works (Making Achievement Possible). The overall goal of implementing this system is to support students. See below for common questions about the MAP-Works system. 

What is MAP-Works

Manhattan College has selected the MAP-works student success and retention platform to assist in connecting students to the right resources at the right time. Faculty, staff and designated student leaders are using this system to support students, make referrals to campus resources and educate students about the factors that contribute to their success.  

The focus of the MAP-Works survey and related efforts is to ensure new students are given the resources necessary for a positive experience at Manhattan College. Using this survey, staff and faculty are provided with information to assist the student in seeking out resources and opportunities to make them more connected to the college and more successful overall. First-year students are provided with information directly to help them see the myriad of services and support available to them and to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.   

Students, faculty and staff can log into MAP-Works using the from the Quick Links menu on this website. Through the MAP-Works website, designated faculty and staff will be able to access student reports and input information to ensure students are receiving institutional support across the board.

Why is this Valuable for Students?

The value of MAP-Works for the students is that it highlights the gaps between academic goals and behaviors for students that complete the assessment.

Participation in MAP-Works increases student success by:

  • Providing early intervention to students who may benefit from additional assistance
  • Aligning student expectations with actual outcomes
  • Cultivating student involvement
  • Facilitating the social and emotional transition to college

How Does it Work?

During the fourth week of classes, students will be asked to take a survey. Survey results, along with admissions information, provide the basis for an individualized report identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting resources to address any potential problem areas early on. This report will help students take control of their education and Manhattan College experience, while connecting them with all the College has to offer.

Who Views the Reports?

Each student is able to access his/her personal data in MAP-Works. Manhattan College Assistant Deans and Academic Advisors, Residence Hall Directors, Academic Support Staff, and other pertinent faculty and staff may access individual and aggregate results in order to create and further develop programs that help students in their transition to life at Manhattan. These professional staff members receive special training and are ethically and legally bound by FERPA regulations, Manhattan College confidentiality standards, and the MAP-Works confidentiality agreement.


More information about the MAP-Works program is available at by contacting Brother Michael Shubnell at

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