Club Leader Information

Event Policies

  • No advertising about the event is allowed until the event is approved.
  • Students NEVER sign any contracts. 
  • All ticket sale revenue gets deposited to Student Government revenue for re-distribution.

How to Request an Event

  • Submit your event and room request through the College's room reservation system, 25Live
  • You must use your club email to log into the system
  • See this tutorial about how to use the system. Additionally, in-person training is offered during the club leader training session.

Log Into 25Live

How to Book Catering

  • After your event is approved, we will provide you with Aramark Dining’s catering menu. If needed we can help you set up a meeting with the catering director.
  • No outside food or vendors are allowed. All food must be ordered through Aramark Dining.

How to Publicize Your Event

Website, Email, Digital Signage & App

  • When requesting your event in 25Live, select the category called "ADVERTISE - email, website, digital signage, app" to have your event automatically appear on those 4 different digital channels.
  • Make sure to write a compelling and informative event description. 
  • You can add an image for your event in the Event Image field. It must be a full URL from a hosted image.


  • All flyers must be dropped off at the front desk of our office. Within 24 hours they will be stamped for approval and you can post them.
  • Specific event date and time must be on flyer (i.e. it cannot say "event today!")

Social Media

  • Tweet about your event and we'll retweet you from the @MCStudentEngage account. If you're setting up a new Twitter account for your club, make sure to let us know so we can follow you. If you set up any other social media accounts, let us know about those, too!