Life Skills Workshop

Why are we doing this?

The Office of Commuter Services and Outreach wants our commuters to be prepared as they enter the workforce, graduate school or if they are contemplating moving off campus as a resi-commuter. Attending classes is stressful enough but what about paying rent, student loan repayments, transportation cost etc. This online workshop is both informative and engaging as a way for you to learn about budgeting, credit cards, and salary information. Many of you are living with parents or have roommates as you split the rent 3-4 times over. Yet, what will happen when you graduate and you are on your own? If you are not going back home then you will find yourself looking for an apartment. One of the questions you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to live alone or better yet can I afford to live alone?

The average rents within the five boroughs of NYC range from $4208 to as low as $1500 for a studio. Do not forget about those student loans and credit card payments. We all want to live the glamorous life but can our pockets afford it? In most cases, the answer is NO! Most property owners require the first and last month's rent with a security deposit. So now what?  Do not forget about those student loans and credit card bills. How many of them do you have anyway? As a college student most of you are in a dream-like state so what happens when it is time for you to wake up? Take a few minutes to read this information. I guarantee you; we will wake you up as well as shake you up to the reality that awaits you.

Welcome aboard the LIFE SKILLS TRAIN !