Taskstream by Watermark

Tools for Assessment

Taskstream by Watermark Accountability Management System (AMS) is an online web-based software providing a communication and resource hub for all of the institution's outcomes assessment, budget allocation, and annual reporting.  Manhattan College uses the AMS platform to facilitate the documentation and demonstration of the contributions that each of the college’s academic programs and administrative units makes towards achieving the goals of the institution’s strategic plan. Find more information here

AMS Instruction Videos provided by Watermark Support:


Taskstream Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) and Aqua by Watermark are online web-based platforms used by several academic departments and programs at Manhattan College. Taskstream LAT provides a better way to support assessment of student learning,  growth and success through its portfolio structure. It is an effective tool for engaging faculty in assessment of learning as well as students in their learning journey. Aqua by watermark also offers a streamlined approach to evaluating collections of  student artifacts with rubrics tied to learning outcomes. Both tools helping  faculty collect the kind student artifacts and data needed to make meaningful improvements. Find more information here. 

Taskstream Resources and Guides