Planning, Budgeting & Annual Reporting

Annual Goals and Reports / Budget Planning / Strategic Plan Assessment

Each year the College follows an institutional effectiveness cycle based on a detailed Integrated Planning Calendar.

The purpose of this cycle is to guide planning and assessment and to measure the extent to which the College is fulfilling its Lasallian Catholic mission, making progress on its Strategic Plan (Renewing the Promise 2025), and effectively allocating its resources for these priorities.

As part of this institutional planning process, the Provost and Vice Presidents hold planning and assessment retreats with their respective units. In addition, there are several scheduled opportunities for campus evaluation, input, and conversation regarding the institutional priorities for the next academic year with review of progress on the prior academic year.

For instance, and as identified in the College’s Integrated Planning Calendar, the President meets with the Cabinet as well as with the College Senate. The meetings with the College Senate, which are open forums for all members of the College community faculty, staff, students, and administrators, provide opportunities for input on the proposed goals and priorities for the following year as part of the Strategic Planning and Budget planning process. This Senate meeting is announced to the campus community through an email from the President and held each April, prior to the June meeting of the Board of Trustees, when the budget is approved.

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Strategic Plan

Manhattan College is engaged in a multi-year, multi-phase strategic plan that serves as the guide for College operations and initiatives. Read more about our mission.