Student Information & Resources

Community-based learning at Manhattan College offers you an opportunity to incorporate what you are learning in the classroom in a meaningful way through work with a local community organization.
  • Spring 2017 Community-Based Learning Courses

    Urban America and Catholic Social Teaching (RELS 205-01 & URBN 301-04)
    Taught by Lois Harr
    Partnering with various community partners in the Bronx
    2 - 3 W

    Adapted Exercise and Sport (KIN 424-61)
    Taught by Caitlin Sweetapple
    Partners with Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
    6:30 - 9:15 W

    Criminal Justice Ethics (RELS 399-01 and URBN 301-03)
    Taught by Andrew Skotnicki, course is taught to both Manhattan College student and inmate students at Riker’s Island
    2 - 4:45 T

    Community Organizing for Social Change (GOV 318-01)
    Taught by Margaret Groarke
    Works with Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition
    12:30 - 1:45 TF

    Kinesiology and Public Health (KIN304-01)
    Taught by Jeffrey Cherubini
    Working with TBD
    9:30 - 10:45 MR

    First Year Composition (ENGL110-11-LL)
    Taught by Emmett Ryan
    Working with TBD
    11-11:50 MWR

    First Year Composition (ENGL110-13-LL)
    Taught by Kerri Mulqueen
    Working with TBD 
    2-3:15 TF

    Intro to Psychology (PSYC203-02-LL)
    Taught by Martha Mendez-Baldwin
    Working with TBD
    9-9:50 TWF

    Nature & Experience of Religion (RELS110-11-LL, RELS110-15-LL)
    Taught by Robert Durante
    Working with TBD
    12-1:15 MR, 12:30-1:45 TF

    God, Beauty & Desire (RELS200-02-LL, RELS200-03-LL)
    Taught by Phillip Francis
    Working with TBD
    11-12:15 TF, 12:30 - 1:45 TF

    Intro to Sociology (SOC201-05-LL)
    Taught by Ellen Flood
    Working with TBD
    3-4:15 MR