Visitor Parking

Guests of the College

Faculty, staff, administrators, and clubs who need parking spaces for campus guests must submit their request online using the electronic parking request form. All parking requests are for the Broadway garage unless otherwise indicated. You will receive a temporary parking permit that your guest is responsible for clearly displaying on their dashboard.


  • Submit 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • If you need a visitor parking space in the Lower Forecourt during business hours the request must be authorized by your vice president or dean.
  • Authorization from your vice president or dean is not required for on-campus parking requests during evening hours (4 p.m. to 12 a.m.) or on a weekend/holiday.

Visitor Parking Request

Personal Guests

Parking passes for personal guests can be purchased through the online parking account. Students and employees are responsible for parking tickets received by guests.

Day, General parking  7 a.m. – midnight Broadway Facility $10/day
Overnight, Broadway Facility 24 hours Broadway Facility $10/night