Lasallian Network

Lasallian EducationManhattan College is one of six Lasallian colleges and universities in the United States, but the Lasallian worldwide community extends far beyond our campus in Riverdale. In total, there are more than 900 educational institutions serving nearly 1 million students of all ages in more than 80 different countries across the globe. Lasallian organizations that serve our community are listed below.

International Association of Lasallian Universities 

The International Association of Lasallian Universities maintains a list of the 65 Lasallian universities around the world. See more information at

Brothers of the Christian Schools - District of Eastern North America

There are four districts in the U.S.-Toronto region. Manhattan College is located in the District of Eastern North America (DENA). 

Christian Brothers Conference 

The Christian Brothers Conference is the regional office of the U.S.-Toronto region of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The office provides the districts in the region the support needed to further the Lasallian mission of educating the young, and especially the poor.  

Brothers of the Christian Schools - La Salle

Each Lasallian school is created with the intention of carrying out the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The headquarters of the Brothers of the Christian Schools is located in Rome. 

AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education

Educators across the world of Lasallian higher education are invited to submit reasearch papers for publication in this peer reviewed journal.  The focus is on Lasallian studies and those aspects of education and theology that impact our mission.  Click here to see past issues of the journal and for the guildelines and timeline for submission.