Lasallian Scholars Award

The Lasallian Scholars Award is offered to all accepteced students from Lasallian middle and secondary schools. During their time at Manhattan College, recipients of the Lasallian Scholars Award are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of student clubs and organizations. They are also encouraged to foster on-going relationships with their high school as well as with the international Lasallian network, including study abroad opportunities at any of the 64 Lasallian universities across the globe. 

The Lasallian Scholars:

  • Prioritize their academic, social, and emotional well-being by receiving a Lasallian mentor throughout their time at Manhattan College. 
  • Gather together on occasion throughout the semester to support one another and consider opportunities to support and advocate for the vulnerable in our community.
  • Actively participate in a variety of campus leadership opportunities through clubs, residence life, honor societies, and neighborhood clean-ups.   
  • Spread the word of the Lasallian mission and the heritage of Saint John Baptist De La Salle to their peers through social media, class presentations, casual conversations, and other creative ways.

The Lasallian Scholars are invited to post to a blog detailing their student experiences at Manhattan College. 

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  • Lasallian Mentors

    Lasallian Resource Center

    The Lasallian Resource Center, located in Miguel Hall RM 309, offers individual and group opportunities for students to learn more about the Lasallian Mission. Appointments can be made by emailing 

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  • Meet The Lasallian Scholars

    Lasallian Scholars

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    The Lasallian Scholars at Manhattan College are continuing their Lasallian journey through rigorous academics, various clubs, intramural sports, expressed leadership, and intentional community. These students share similar experiences by having attended Lasallian middle or secondary schools. We currently have 13 Lasallian Scholars from the following Lasallian High Schools:

    • Bishop Kelley High School - Tulsa, OK 
      • Abigale Mink ‘25, Political Science 
    • Colegio De La Salle – Bayamon, PR
      • Juliocesar Viguera Pacheco ‘22, Communication
    • La Salle Academy – Providence, RI
      • Steven Hey ‘22, Civil Engineering
    • La Salle High School – Milwaukie, OR
      • Maren Kain ‘22, Communication
    • Mullen High School – Denver, CO
      • Kari Donovan ‘22, Computer Engineering
    • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep - San Francisco, CA
      • Eleda West ‘25, School of Business 
      • Finn Malone ‘25, School of Business 
    • Saint Peter’s Boys High School – Staten Island, NY
      • Daniel Cipollone ‘24, Civil Engineering
      • Dylan Davis ‘23, Mechanical Engineering
      • Jack Varela ‘22, Adolescent Education
      • Kevin Laub ‘22, Engineering
      • Domenick Boccia ‘22, Exercise Science 
      • Peter Rotondo  ‘22, FinanceBryan McKeon

    Photograph of Daniel Cipollone

    Daniel Cipollone

    Daniel Cipollone, alumnus of St. Peter’s Boys High School, comes to Manhattan College from Staten Island, New York. Daniel is studying for his degree in Civil Engineering here at Manhattan College and joins his fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2024. Daniel is sure to make room in his busy schedule to allow his true Lasallian identity to show when on campus. 

    Aside from Lasallian Scholars, Daniel strives as an engineering student and hopes to soon use his leadership qualities to become a project manager in the field. In the meantime, Dan enjoys learning more about social justice and volunteering. He is part of the Manhattan College Emerging Leaders Program and was a participant in the 2020 virtual Ignatian Family Teach-In.  Additionally, Daniel is a student worker for campus ministry and a Fair Trade advocate. Cipollone shares “Being Lasallian means having a sense of community and expanding one's knowledge of the world they live in by serving others through civic engagement.”

    Abbey Mink


    Abbey Mink, alumna of Bishop Kelley High School comes to Manhattan College from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Abbey is studying for her degree in Political Science here at Manhattan College and joins her fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2025.  Following her time at Manhattan College, Abbey is looking forward to continuing her education by attending law school. Aside from Lasallian Scholars, Abbey is an active member of the LGBTQ Student Group and inspires others through Manhattan College’s Emerging Leaders Program. Abbey shares “Lasallian to me means leading others and engaging in service.”

    Eleda West

    Eleda West, alumna of Sacred Heart Cathedral High School comes to Manhattan College from San Francisco, California. Eleda is studying for her degree in Business here at Manhattan College and joins her fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2025.  

    On campus, Eleda is part of the Emerging Leaders Program and is affiliated with The Arches Living and Learning Community.  Although Eleda is just beginning her college career, she has plans to soon find an internship in the field of marketing, study abroad in Spain, and travel the world after graduation.  She hopes to use her passion for traveling as an opportunity to experience life through unique environments and different cultures. Eleda shares “Being Lasallian to me means bringing love into life. Through service, I look to spread love to people who need it by volunteering. I look to spread it to my immediate community through how I treat those around me in my everyday actions. This also means loving my environment. I try to do this by making environmentally conscious actions and spending choices in order to do what is in my control to give love to where I live.”