Lasallian Ambassadors

Logo that reads: Manhattan College: Lasallian Ambassadors in green text on a white background.The Lasallian Ambassador Program is composed of students that came from Lasallian secondary schools around the U.S. Being active students in the different schools at Manhattan College, they invite all on campus to be leaders and share life in unity, justice, respect, inclusion, and service to others. 

Inspired by the Lasallian Spirit of “Indivisa Manent” a Latin expression that means, “the united remains”, the Lasallian Ambassadors are leaders at Manhattan College that work to create a communitarian environment being witnesses of faith, fraternity, and service.

The Lasallian Ambassadors:Photograph of students and faculty at a table enjoying pizza and a conversation.

  • Prioritize their academic, social, and emotional well-being by receiving a Lasallian mentor throughout their time at Manhattan College. 
  • Gather together throughout the semester for community.  In these meetings, the Lasallian Ambassadors support one another in each other's endeavors and brainstorm on how to support and advocate for the vulnerable in our community.
  • Express opportunities of leadership on campus through clubs, residence life positions, honor societies, and neighborhood clean-ups.   
  • Spread the word of the Lasallian mission and Saint John Baptist De La Salle to their peers through social media, class presentations, casual conversations, and other creative ways.

The Lasallian Ambassadors routinely post to a blog detailing their student experiences at Manhattan College. 

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  • Lasallian Mentors

    Lasallian Resource Center

    The Lasallian Resource Center, located in Miguel Hall RM 309, offers individual and group opportunities for students to learn more about the Lasallian Mission. Appointments can be made by emailing Rachel Bowers at or Brother Carlos Pinto-Corredor at

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    Rachel Bowers

    Rachel Bowers is the current Lasallian Ambassador Graduate Assistant for the Office of Mission. She is at Manhattan College pursuing her Master’s in School Counseling. She was first introduced to the Lasallian mission in 2016 when she joined Lasallian Volunteers after graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with an undergraduate degree in Psychological and Social Sciences. She is beyond grateful to be where she is today and shares that it was made possible by her Lasallian family near and far. Rachel enjoys running, cooking, working with her students, and traveling home to Philadelphia to see family and friends. 
    As the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Mission, Rachel hopes to share her knowledge and experiences in regard to the Lasallian mission with the Jasper community and seeks to continue to learn from those around her.

    Brother Carlos A. Pinto-Corredor

    Photograph of Brother Carlos A. Pinto-Corredor

    Brother Carlos arrived at Manhattan College in January 2019 from Colombia. Brother Carlos is a former student and active member of the MOVEMENT INDIVISA MANENT. (Lasallian Association of Human Development and Leadership Groups in the District of Bogotá). He is a graduate from La Salle University of Bogotá, Colombia with a degree in Education and Religious Studies. Brother Carlos has served as a volunteer, catechist, missionary, teacher, assistant of principal, counselor and campus ministry director in elementary and secondary schools from 2007 to 2016. Before starting his journey at Manhattan College, Brother Carlos served designing and leading leadership, catechetical, volunteering, and vocational programs as National Pastoral Director for the Lasallian Network (19 Institutions) in the Lasallian District of Bogotá. 

    Currently, Brother Carlos is advancing studies in communication at Manhattan College and serving as mentor and pastoral companion for Manhattan College students in the Lasallian Ambassadors Program.


    Brother Abel Sekone

    Brother Abel is a member of the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the Lasallian District of West Africa (Burkina Faso – Niger). He is a former student of De La Salle High School in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where he discerned and deepened his motivations of becoming a Religious Brother. He was touched by the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the Lasallian charism “to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.” After graduating in 2015 from Christ the Teacher Institute for Education/Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota – Nairobi (Kenya) Campus with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Education, he served in various ministries. Brother Abel taught in secondary schools, was involved in pastoral activities with aspirants as well as youth groups, and worked in school and district level administration.

    Brother Abel, who because of COVID-19, began his studies last year online, arrived in August of 2021 at Manhattan College to complete his graduate program in Applied Mathematics and Data Analytics. Brother Abel hopes that through the Lasallian Ambassadors Program, he will share his Lasallian convictions and experiences while learning from others.


  • Meet The Lasallian Ambassadors

    Lasallian Ambassadors

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    The Lasallian Ambassadors at Manhattan College are continuing their Lasallian journey through rigorous academics, various clubs, intramural sports, expressed leadership, intentional community, and serving as peer mentors for the One La Salle exchange students.  These students shared similar interests at their Lasallian secondary schools by showing leadership in community service and Lasallian Youth. We currently have 13 Lasallian Ambassador scholars from the following Lasallian High Schools:

    • Bishop Kelley High School - Tulsa, OK 
      • Abigale Mink ‘25, Political Science 
    • Colegio De La Salle – Bayamon, PR
      • Juliocesar Viguera Pacheco ‘22, Communication
    • La Salle Academy – Providence, RI
      • Steven Hey ‘22, Civil Engineering
    • La Salle High School – Milwaukie, OR
      • Maren Kain ‘22, Communication
    • Mullen High School – Denver, CO
      • Kari Donovan ‘22, Computer Engineering
    • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep - San Francisco, CA
      • Eleda West ‘25, School of Business 
      • Finn Malone ‘25, School of Business 
    • Saint Peter’s Boys High School – Staten Island, NY
      • Daniel Cipollone ‘24, Civil Engineering
      • Dylan Davis ‘23, Mechanical Engineering
      • Jack Varela ‘22, Adolescent Education
      • Kevin Laub ‘22, Engineering
      • Domenick Boccia ‘22, Exercise Science 
      • Peter Rotondo  ‘22, FinanceBryan McKeon

    Photograph of Daniel Cipollone

    Daniel Cipollone

    Daniel Cipollone, alumnus of St. Peter’s Boys High School, comes to Manhattan College from Staten Island, New York. Daniel is studying for his degree in Civil Engineering here at Manhattan College and joins his fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2024. Daniel is sure to make room in his busy schedule to allow his true Lasallian identity to show when on campus. 

    Aside from Lasallian Ambassadors, Daniel strives as an engineering student and hopes to soon use his leadership qualities to become a project manager in the field. In the meantime, Dan enjoys learning more about social justice and volunteering.  He is part of the Manhattan College Emerging Leaders Program and was a participant in the 2020 virtual Ignatian Family Teach-In.  Cipollone shares “Being Lasallian means having a sense of community and expanding one's knowledge of the world they live in by serving others through civic engagement.”

    Domenick Boccia

    Photograph of Domenick Boccia

    Domenick Boccia, alumnus of St. Peter’s Boys High School, comes to Manhattan College from Staten Island, New York. Dom is studying for his degree in Exercise Science here at Manhattan College, with a minor in Psychology, and joins his fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2022.

    Through his time as a Lasallian Ambassador, Dom has enjoyed getting to know the Lasallian Volunteer alumni and genuinely enjoys volunteering when he can. Aside from Lasallian Ambassadors, Dom is a Division 1 athlete on the Track and Cross Country teams, is the secretary of the PEK Kinesiology Honors Society, and a member of Manhattan College's Pen & Sword. Dom shares, “Being a Lasallian means to put aside personal intentions for the greater good of all other persons, love without question, and to do things for the sake of doing without seeking recognition.”

    Kari Donovan

    Photograph of Kari Donovan Kari Donovan, alumna of J K Mullen High School comes to Manhattan College from Littleton, Colorado. Kari is studying for her degree in Computer Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics, here at Manhattan College and joins her fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2022.
    Kari’s Lasallian qualities shine through her bright smile when she attends early morning community clean-ups and willingly attends meetings on how to improve our program on campus. Aside from Lasallian Ambassadors, Kari is an active member of SWE (The Society of Women Engineers). Kari shares “Lasallian to me means doing things for the benefit of others. This is embodied by service, which is one of my favorite activities.”

    Steven Hey

    Photograph of Steven Hey
    Steven Hey, alumnus of La Salle Academy, comes to Manhattan College from Rumford, Rhode Island. Steven is studying for his degree in Civil Engineering here at Manhattan College and joins his fellow Jaspers as part of the Class of 2022. Through his time as a Lasallian Ambassador, Steven has truly enjoyed sharing his journey with the Lasallian Christain Brothers through prayer, social, and supper at the Brother’s residence. Aside from Lasallian Ambassadors, Steven is involved in Engineers Without Borders, American Society of Civil Engineers, and is a part of MC’s Gaelic Society. Steven shares “Lasallian to me is a sense of community where everyone comes together to benefit others.”