Jasper Jumpstart

Academic-Room-1-1.JPGJasper Jumpstart is a comprehensive student-athlete development program designed to enhance their experience. The initiative includes four main areas: student-athlete orientation, academic support, life skills, and health and wellness.  The overall goals of the program are to promote success in the classroom, encourage a positive lifestyle, and prepare student-athletes for life after athletics.

  • Study Hall

    Incoming freshmen, transfers and continuing students who have a cumulative grade point average at or below 2.8, whether or not they are in season, are required to attend five (5) hours of study hall each week for the entire semester.

    SAASS staff and coaching staff reserve the right to enforce more stringent standards when necessary. See the full list of study hall requirements. 

  • JPALS Peer Mentor Program

    The JPALS Peer Mentoring Program is designed to aid first-year student-athletes with their transition into Manhattan College. Specifically selected and trained upperclassmen serve as mentors to first year student-athletes in both individual and group settings. First year student-athletes benefit from the experience of the upperclassmen in helping them through many of the common challenges a new student-athlete faces during their transition.  

    Peer mentors will be assigned a group of first year student-athletes from teams other than their own, ideally in the same school of study (Business, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Science).  The mentors would be responsible for their mentees throughout their first year at Manhattan.

  • Career Development

    Four-Year Career Plan for Student-Athletes

    Attendance tracked by the Office of Career Pathways, and participation is monitored by SAASS.

    Freshmen Year

    • Meet with Career Counselor – learn about all resources (Required)
    • Create resume & review with Peer Career Advisor (PCA) (Required)
    • Attend Career Chat (Optional but highly recommended)

    Sophomore Year

    • Meet with Career Counselor - Learn about internship/career sites (Handshake, Vault, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.) (Required)
    • Attend 1 Career Chat (Required)
    • Attend 1 Career and Coffee panel (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Participate in the Leadership Development Program (Optional but highly recommended)

    Junior Year

    • Have resume/cover letter critiqued by Career Counselor (Required)
    • Conduct mock interview (online tool- Interview Stream or in person) (Required)
    • Attend 1 career fair (fall/spring) (Required)
    • Attend 1 Career Chat (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Attend Career and Coffee career panel (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Participate in the Mentor Program (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Attend a networking event (Optional but highly recommended)

    Senior Year

    • Attend 1 Job search and Networking workshop (Required)
    • Practice interviewing with Interview Stream (Required)
    • Attend 1 career fair (fall/spring) (Required)
    • Attend Career and Coffee panel (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Complete an internship (Optional but highly recommended)