Faculty Summer Grants

Manhattan College offers a summer grant program for eligible full-time faculty. Grant recipients receive stipends of $3,000, and the College offers up to 20 summer grants each year.

A list of eligible faculty members and the application paperwork is sent out by the Office of the Provost each fall. Information about eligibility is found in the Faculty Handbook.


Each applicant is requested to submit 7 copies of his/her application.  This program is in no way to be used to support doctoral dissertations; its focus should be post-doctoral.  The scholarly excellence and intellectual respectability of the proposed project are the primary criteria for selection.

  • A faculty member who applies for a summer grant during his/her first year at Manhattan College will require a letter of recommendation from his/her department chairperson.
  • After having received a summer grant, a faculty member will ordinarily not receive another grant until two summers have elapsed; this includes any summer grant negotiated at the time of hire.
  •  No faculty member should share in more than one of these summer grants at one time.
  • The purpose of the grant is to free a faculty member from financially remunerative work in order to concentrate on scholarly activities.  Summer grants are not prizes; they are intended to support scholarly work to the applicant’s development as a scholar and teacher, or for the improvement of Manhattan College’s programs.
  •  Each applicant should describe the proposed project in language that is intelligible to non-specialists; where technical language is necessary, an attempt should be made to summarize in “lay” language.
  • Summer grant recipients are expected to return to Manhattan College for the academic year following the awarding of the grant. At this time they are expected to file a formal report on the summer activities to their Department Chairperson, their Dean, and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.