Student Conference Funding

The Office for Student & Faculty Development and the Office of Grants Administration would like to encourage students that are working with Manhattan College faculty to become actively involved in research and to submit and present their research at conferences in their discipline.   Generally, we are able to provide up to $500 for students that have an accepted abstract at a regional or national conference.  Students may be presenting their work either in poster or in oral form. 

The application should be filled out in the same fiscal year as the conference.  Please give as much advance notice as possible for reimbursement, and applications will be handled on a rolling basis throughout the year.   

Eligibity for funding:

The application for funding is open for all students who meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be in good academic standing
  • Students must have their name as an author on the abstract has been accepted for the conference presentation
  • Student must have support from a faculty member on campus who will also be attending with them

Student Conference Funding Application

We understand that some conferences will cost more than $500 to completely fund.  We suggest that you may also seek funding from:

  • Travel awards or student funding from the conference host
  • Funds from your department
  • Funds from your school