Annual Events

The Multicultural Center hosts regular events in the Center, on campus, and in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Check our events calendar, and social media regularly for updates.

Heritage Months

At Manhattan College, we celebrate the diversity of the institution and of the city in which we are proud to be located. Every month, along with the rest of the country, we celebrate Heritage Months. We host events that celebrate our representative cultures including, but not limited to, Irish Heritage Month, Latino Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Native American Heritage Month. 

Story To Tell!

Our philosophy in the Multicultural Center is that we all have a story to tell and that the more we tell them, the more we realize how much we have in common. Each spring we celebrate stories and storytellers at the Annual Story To Tell event in April. We showcase storytellers from the student body, the faculty, administration, and the outside world. It's an amazing event that should not be missed! 

Tiny Talks

On Wednesdays, we invite speakers to deliver a talk to us. These Tiny Talkers have 15 minutes to tell us about their project, or a story, or charge us into action. After they complete their talk, we ask them to leave to discuss what we have heard. It's an amazing weekly opportunity learn something new but also to have robust discussions in a safe environment. 

Friday Funday Trivia Time

Friday afternoons are full of activities. Food, games, karaoke, Kahoot!, and laughter. Every Friday at 12:30pm, we host a tasting of new food and fun trivia with all of your favorite people and some new faces.  We played our Kahoot for fun and prizes. Don’t be late, we start on time! 

Theatre Talks and Movies & Desserts

Our identities are on display all around us. Hollywood and Broadway are two excellent sources of presentations about how people and their identities interact with the world. Each month, Multicultural Affairs sponsors a trip to either a new release film or theatre production. After the presentation, we stop by a coffee house or a local eatery to discuss how different identities were portrayed on screen or on stage. Both the show and the dessert are free to Manhattan College students, so sign up fast. Space is limited.