Jaspers Vote

Image showing bronze award in 2018, silver award in 2020 and Presidential Signature Award 600+

Jaspers Vote is our Manhattan College non-partisan campaign to get MORE Jaspers to register and vote!! In 2020, we increased our participation by 18 points – to 59.6%, and we earned a Silver Seal for our accomplishment! Our Voter Engagement Committee is making a 2024 Plan to increase our participation rate 

Here’s the plan we used to increase student participation in the 2020 election and beyond! We’ll post our 2024 plan here early in 2024!

The Voter Engagement Committee meets periodically to strategize on how to meet our goals. If you want to get involved, email jaspersvote@manhattan.edu  or follow us on Instagram @mc_jaspersvote.

How many Jaspers have voted in recent elections?

Manhattan College participates in the National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE), to learn about the voting habits of our students. While WHO you vote for remains private, we can find out HOW MANY Manhattan College students are registered and voted. The chart below shows Manhattan College participation in the last two national elections.  


Recognizing the responsibility of colleges and universities to prepare students to be informed and active citizens, and the importance of the student voice in elections, Manhattan College encourages the college community to consider the ways curricular and extra-curricular experiences can support the development of students to become lifelong voters and engaged participants in their communities. Manhattan College earned a Bronze seal for its participation rate in the 2018 election, a Silver seal for its participation rate in the 2020 election, and we will find out in November 2023 what our participation rate was in 2022.