Pre-Professional Advising

The Center for Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement offers individualized advising for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in healthcare or law after their graduation from Manhattan College.

We are available to help students investigate their career options; discuss curricula, activities, internships, research, and application procedures; and help students prepare to be competitive applicants. Additionally, we also offer workshops throughout the year, and a mailing list.

  • Preparation for Health Professions Graduate School

    CGSFA works closely with the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), a body of faculty members who give guidance to students interested in preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry and allied health fields. The committee helps students make sure they’re qualified for admission to professional schools, as well as help navigate the application process and provide references when necessary.

    HPAC Application

    You must submit the following application in order to be evaluated by the Health Professions Advisory Committee. This application is for students who are preparing to apply for health professions schools for admission next fall.

    Basic Pre-Health Course Requirements

    The minimum required courses for admission to professional schools are as follows, but be aware that specific schools may require or recommend other courses. Pre-professional students are expected to maintain an average of at least a 3.0 in their science courses. Based on changes made to the MCAT, we also suggest foundation courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Biochemistry for students interested in pursuing a medical degree.

    BIOL 111 &
    BIOL 112

    General Biology I
    General Biology II


    BIOL 113 &
    BIOL 114

    General Biology Laboratory I
    General Biology Laboratory II


    CHEM 101 &
    CHEM 102

    General Chemistry I
    General Chemistry II


    CHEM 319 &
    CHEM 320

    Organic Chemistry I
    Organic Chemistry II


    CHEM 323 & 
    CHEM 324

    Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    Organic Chemistry Laboratory II


    PHYS 101
    PHYS 102

    Physics I
    Physics II


    or PHYS 107 &
    PHYS 108

    Introductory Physics I
    Introductory Physics II


    CHEM 433


    BIOL 319



    Cellular Biochemistry/Physiology




    MATH 185 &
    MATH 186

    Calculus I
    Calculus II



    Pre-Health Mailing List

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    Key Components for Admission into Professional Health Schools

    • A good GPA: Different health-professional schools require different GPA ranges for admission, but typically a GPA of 3.5 or better is competitive.
    • Good admissions test scores: Most professional schools require an entrance exam, either the GRE or a specialized exam like the MCAT or DAT. These exams will typically be taken late in the junior year or early in the senior year, after the core courses have been taken.
    • Evidence of commitment to health care: It is imperative that you find summer jobs, research opportunities, and internships in the health professions. In addition, you should read articles on current issues, both scientific and social, in the medical and health field.
    • Attributes conducive to a career in the health professions: Integrity and responsibility are expected. Schools also look for traits such as integrity, responsibility, leadership, maturity, perseverance, breadth of interests, ability to relate to people effectively and, perhaps above all, clear motivation.
    • Extracurricular activities: It is important to be involved in activities; those that involve service to others and/or those in which you have a leadership role are important. The level of participation is more important than the number of activities. Be selective and get involved, don't just be a name on a membership list.
    • Recommendations: The HPAC provides a composite letter of recommendations and evaluations for all students in the program who are applying to health-professional school. This composite letter is based on your answers to the HPAC’s professional school candidate information form, meetings with the pre-health professions advisor, and letters of recommendation from professors, employers and personal references.
    • Interview: If all application material is acceptable, you may be invited for an interview at a health-professional school. Be ready to answer questions about your motivation for a career in the health professions, academic performance, health-related experiences and questions relating to issues in the field. You will make a positive impression at the interview through your ability to communicate, develop rapport and demonstrate enthusiasm, poise and confidence.

    For More Information

    Contact Bruce Liby, Ph.D., Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee and Professor in the Physics Department, at 718-862-7899 or

  • Preparation for Law School

    While there is no single major or minor here at Manhattan College that is a prerequisite for applying to law school, students who do well in the application process have strong analytic and problem solving skills, critical reading skills, writing skills, communication skills, research skills, task management skills and a dedication to public service and promotion of justice, according to the American Bar Association.

    Students are also encouraged to join and actively participate in the Pre-Law Student Group

    Pre-Law Advising

    We have two pre-law advisors. Please email them directly to schedule an advising appointment. It is important to work with the pre-law advisors throughout the undergraduate process in order to be prepared for the law school application process.

    • Dr. Jonathan Keller, Assistant Professor of Political Science:
    • Br. Daniel Gardner, Assistant Director, Center for Graduate and Fellowship Advisement:

    Pre-Law Mailing List

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