Travel/Expense Instructions and Rules

  1. General: It is the policy of Manhattan College to reimburse reasonable expenses of travel when such travel has been appropriately approved. It is expected that any such travel forms will be completed expeditiously by the department or individual. Where advances and reimbursements are required, a yellow check request should be submitted to the Controller’s Office.

  2. Reporting: Travel expenses shall be completed on the reverse side of this form and submitted to the Controller’s Office accompanied by a yellow check request within one week of completion of travel. Travel advances will not be issued to an individual who has an unreported travel advance.

  3. Mode of transportation: It is expected that the most economical means of transportation available should be used. Personal automobiles shall not be used where parallel means of public transportation is available-unless necessary to save time and/or expense. **Personal automobile mileage allowance using the IRS guidelines (57.5 cents per mile as of Jan 1, 2020 Gas receipts are not acceptable unless when using a College-owned vehicle.

  4. Expense limitations: Expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of actual expenses incurred subject to the limitations listed below:


Specific limitations and examples of reimbursement

Expense Allowed Not Allowed
Meals Actual overnight meal expenses $26 per day & under do not require receipts. Actual overnight meal expenses in excess of $26 that are reasonable and supported by receipts Meal expenses in excess of $26 without proper substantiation.
Room Accommodations Single room accommodations. Suites, etc.
Personal Automobile 57.5 cents per mile plus tolls and reasonable parking charges. Repairs, tires, gasoline, oil, and other automobile expenses.
Other Transportation Reasonable charges for airline, rail, and taxi charges. First class, deluxe air travel taxi charges where parallel or more economical transportation is available.
Miscellaneous Reasonable tips. Incidental telephone calls while on College business. Unusual expenses approved in advance. All personal expenses, laundry services, movies, valet services, Insurance, entertainment charges.

January 1, 2020