CFA Members

A minimum of three years of experience at Manhattan College is required to join CFA.

Terms Concluding in 2022-2023

Name  Department Representing
Bruce Liby Physics/Computer Science
Kimberly Fairchild
(Leave replacement M. Mendez-Baldwin, Fall 2022)
Sr. Remigia Kushner Education
Lauren Trabold Management/Marketing
Richard Carbonaro Chemical Engineering 
David Shefferman Religious Studies

Terms Concluding in 2023-2024

Name  Department Representing
Margaret Groarke Political Science/ History 
Bryan Wilkins Chemistry
Yi Wang
(Leave replacement W. Elmannai, Spring 2023)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Matthew Volovski Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Lisa Toscano Kinesiology
Hanni Liu Accounting, CIS & Law

Terms Concluding in 2024-2025

Name  Department Representing
Gerardo Carfagno Biology Biology
Bryan Wilkins Chemistry
Mark Pottinger
(Leave replacement R. Kern-Stone, 2022-23)
Communications, Music & Theater, Art History & Digital Media Art
Fiona McLachlan Economics & Finance
John Gormley Library
Zahra Shahbazi Mechanical Engineering
Eoin O’Connell
(Leave replacement H. Furey Fall, Fall 2023)
Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy
David Witzling English