Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

At Manhattan College, the goal is to provide individual support to each student so that he or she can reach their full potential.  The College prides itself on small classroom sizes where faculty can get to know students. CSTEP takes this priority one step further by offering individual mentoring and advising, tailored support, and small group sessions. 

CSTEP at Manhattan College engages with students who are pursuing careers in the STEM and licensed professions and are from backgrounds that were previously underrepresented in those fields.  CSTEP services are targeted over the four years to provide participants with the resources to help them succeed in their studies, and to transition into their chosen career paths. 

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  • New York state resident
  • Students must be admitted to the institution through regular Admissions
  • Students must be enrolled in the School of Science, the School of Engineering, or eligible majors in the School of Education & Health

In addition, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • African-American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Alaskan native OR:
  • Economically disadvantaged
Household size (including head of household) Total Annual Income in 2019
1 $23,606
2 $31,894
3 $40,182
4 $48,470
5 $56,758
6 $65,046
7 $73,334
8 $81,622



  • Services Provided
    • Pre-Freshman Summer Program.
    • Winter break review sessions.
    • Intense tutorial services dedicated specifically to students in the program.
    • Peer Academic Coaching (PAC), which can help incoming students develop the skills needed for success in their degrees. This service is led by trained upperclassmen.
    • Mentoring, which helps transitioning freshmen acclimate to college life with the guidance of upperclassmen, who have been through similar experiences.
  • Advisement

    Advisement is an integral component, throughout each term of enrollment, for all CSTEP students.  Advisement is provided by the Opportunity Programs team with a holistic approach to student development. Areas that are addressed include:

    • Academic: Students are encouraged to brainstorm and discuss intended majors/minors, courses, and scheduling with their assigned OP advisor.  Options regarding course planning and other academic suggestions are explored with an understanding of the student’s individual needs. 
    • Financial: Extensive and on-going support is provided to help students navigate the complexities of applying for all appropriate financial aid and scholarships, understanding billing, and completing required federal and state forms.
    • Personal: Understanding that each student adjusts to college life in varied ways, the advising relationship is vital in developing self-confidence, recognizing strengths, and shaping a positive attitude towards learning.
    • Career: OP advisors, in partnership with the Center for Career Development, will assist students with guidance during the job search or graduate school application process.
  • CSTEP Day of Service

    CSTEP students come together to give back to our local community during our annual Day of Service. We partner up with a local middle school to increase awareness of STEM opportunities beyond high school.  We aim to motivate and inspire young students to pursue a degree in the STEM field if that is where their passion lies.

    During the Day of Service, visiting students attend workshops to learn what it might be like to be a college student, receive a tour of the Manhattan College Campus, participate in fun labs and lastly, spend one on one time with CSTEP students to learn about their college experiences.