General Grant Information

  • General Grant Information

    Institutional Name:

    Manhattan College


    Applicant Organization Address:

    Manhattan College

    4513 Manhattan College Parkway

    Riverdale, New York 10471


    Institutional Contact/Official to be Notified of Award:

    Elizabeth Jinks

    Director of Grants Administration 

    Telephone: 718-862-7160

    E-mail Address:

    Indirect Cost Rate:

    53.2% of salaries and wages, as of 07/01/2016. 42.0% of salaries and wages for off-campus activities. 


    Fringe Benefit Rates:

    Full-time: 34.7%

    Part-Time (including Undergraduate/Graduate Students): 8.0%


    Employer ID Number (EIN):



    DUNS Number:



    Congressional District: