Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I transfer funds from one account to the other?
    No. Once deposited, funds must remain in the account deposited. In the event you made a “mistake” in the deposit process you may visit the ID Card office by the next business day to request funds be transferred to the other account.
  • Do my Dining Dollars expire?
    Yes, Dining Dollars expire each year on May 31. Unused funds are not refundable and must be used or forfeited. This expiration is required as part of the meal plan benefits, savings and bonuses derived through its use during the academic year.
  • Do my Jasper Dollars expire?
    No, Jasper Dollars do not expire and will carry over from semester to semester and year to year.
  • Where can I use my Dining Dollars?

    All on campus dining locations accept Dining Dollars as a form of payment which when used saves students sales tax with each purchase.You must use Dining Dollars to receive the tax savings.

  • Where can I use my Jasper (flex) Dollars?
    Jasper Dollars are accepted wherever the Jasper Card is accepted as a form of payment, including the campus bookstore, all campus dining locations, select vending machines on campus and select local merchants including:(347) 899-8470​
    Applebees 90 West 225th Street, Bronx, NY 10463 (718) 367-7770
    Best Deli & Grill 201-203 W 242nd St, Bronx, NY 10471  (929) 243-3333
    Broadway Joes Pizza 5985 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10472 (718) 796-0376
    Goodfellas Pizza 3661 Waldo Ave, Bronx, NY 10463 (718) 796-4747
    Gourmet Market & Bagel 5993 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10471 (718) 549-1039
    Jasper's Deli
    434 W 238th St, Bronx, NY 10463
    (718) 581-2590
    New Riverdale Gourmet Deli 452 W 238th St, Bronx, NY, 10463 (718) 884-7044
  • Do all Jasper Card purchases (Dining & Jasper Dollars) provide sales tax savings?
    No, only Dining Dollar payments by students at campus dining venues receive this savings.
  • Are Dining Dollar or Jasper Dollar accounts refundable?
    No, these funds once deposited are not refundable. If you make a “mistake” with a deposit having wanted to deposit into the other account, transfers will be processed by visiting the ID Card office in Thomas Hall within one business day of the deposit.
  • Who can make deposits into my Jasper Card accounts?
    Card holders, friends and family may make deposits into your Jasper accounts. You need to provide them with details on how to access your account.
  • Can I make a deposit into my Jasper accounts through the Bursar or other office on campus?
    No, at this time deposits may only be made online using a major credit or debit card.
For more information or assistance with your Jasper Card use, features and benefits please visit the Card Office located in Thomas Hall 1st floor just around from the Café 1853 or call (718) 862-8326.