Jasper Card

Manhattan College’s ID card, the Jasper Card, serves as your:

  • student or employee ID
  • library card
  • access key card to enter the library, residence halls and other campus buildings
  • meal plan payment card
  • a debit card accepted at the bookstore and all campus dining locations, plus certain vending machines and various local merchants

The debit card feature of the Jasper Card allows you to easily use and reload funds.

How to Deposit Jasper Card Funds

Students - Deposit Funds Now

  • Click the button above to create and activate your new account
  • Select the account in which you wish to deposit the funds (Dining Dollars or Jasper Dollars)
  • Enter credit card information and deposit amount for each account (a $2 convenience fee will be added)
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted
  • Electronic deposits are posted to your account immediately

Parents, friends and family may add funds to your Dining Dollar and Jasper Dollar account using your name and card number:

Family/Friends - Deposit Funds Now

Types of Jasper Card Funds

There are two types of funds available:

Dining Dollars

  • Only accepted at on-campus dining venues
  • Balances expire on May 31 each year
  • Sales tax is not charged on each purchase, resulting in a 10% savings
  • Deposits of $100 or more receive a 10% bonus (e.g. deposit $100 and get $110 in your account)

Jasper Dollars

  • Accepted at campus dining venues, the bookstore, and select off-campus merchants
  • Funds never expire
  • Sales tax IS charged on each purchase
  • Deposits of $100 or more receive a 10% cashback bonus for use at the bookstore (e.g. Deposit $100 and get $10 to spend at the bookstore)

Both types of funds are included as a part of our meal plans for students. Students and employees who don't have meal plans can still take advantage of the savings offered by using your Jasper Card to pay for on-campus meals.

The Jasper Card program is administered by Manhattan College and is not associated with any bank or financial institution. Deposited funds are non-refundable and may not be transferred to another Jasper Card account.

More Information

For more information or assistance with your Jasper Card use, features and benefits please visit the ID Card Office.

Thomas Hall, 1st floor (just around from the Café 1853)