Meet the MODs

Meet the current students who will be assisting you as incoming students with the adjustment to college. They will introduce strategies and resources to help you become comfortable, confident and capable of academic success in college.

  • Ben Bagbek

    Male student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Queens, New York

    Major/Minor: Double Major in Economics and Political Science with a concentration in Economics

    MC Involvement: Creator and President of Manhattan College Martial Arts

    Why Did You Choose MC? When I was looking for colleges in my Senior year of High School I was looking for a place that would help me grow as a leader. In my experience I came across restrictions I believed to be ridiculous, needing to wait till my Junior year for example, to start a club. In my freshman year at Manhattan College I established Manhattan College Mixed Martial arts with one of my friends that I met during Orientation. The freedom Manhattan College allocates to its students is unprecedented in any other institution. I truly feel as if all my ambitious efforts are met with the same enthusiasm from my peers and administrators here at Manhattan College. I am currently a Junior right now and I believe that I’ve had so many great experiences at Manhattan and that there’s so much more to experience during my Senior year and Graduate Student years.

    Favorite Thing About MC: Hands down the community on campus. I came into Manhattan never before having experienced the amount of hospitality that thrives on campus. Every professor I’ve ever had knew me by name, every student holds the door open for you and the administration is so easily approachable! I feel like I am cared for on campus.

  • Emma Collins

    Emma Collins in front of archway

    Hometown: Mineola, New York

    Major/Minor: Childhood Education: Concentration in History and Math

    MC Involvement: At MC, I am a part of Performing Hearts, the all female acapella group. In addition, I am in Sigma Delta Tau, the sorority on campus. This organization is dedicated to empowering women. I also take part in various other clubs such as Players and Relay for Life.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose MC because of the location and the community. From the moment I stepped on campus, I instantly fell in love. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and the easy access to the city is another plus. Like most people, I have visited so many colleges, but the kindness of the people here cannot compare to anywhere else. Everyone on campus is so friendly and welcoming. I truly feel like I belong here. Because the campus is so small, you recognize familiar faces everywhere you go! I love it here and would not have chosen anywhere else.

    Favorite Thing About MC? My favorite thing about MC would coincide with my previous answer. The people here really want to see you succeed. Your professors are always there for office hours and will do whatever it takes to get you where you need to be. The class sizes are usually on the smaller side which enhances the teacher and student relationship. There are also endless opportunities here and there are clubs to take part in for every interest. College is all about finding what your passionate about and MC is the perfect place for that! I have been exposed to so many new ideas and interests of mine that I never knew I had. A piece of advice to the Freshman: Try out anything you are even remotely interested in. You might end up really loving it! MC has given me so much and I cannot wait to see what awaits in the future.

  • Rosy Moody

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Telford, Pennsylvania

    Major/Minor: Double Major in History and Spanish

    MC Involvement: I am a member of Sanctus Artem. Sanctus Artem is a club on campus dedicated to the arts and exploring art through different mediums including visual and performance art. I enjoy Sanctus Artem because some of their activities use art to communicate themes of activism. Art should have a voice and can be used as a tool to bring awareness to social issues which can spark discussion and change.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because of the strong sense of community on campus as well as the New York City location which provides many opportunities for leisure and future career connections. The Manhattan College community is an active one. There are always events to go to which are student run or informational panels that help to further inform students.

    Favorite Thing About MC? I enjoy the small campus size because it fosters close friendships with peers as well as professors. The small campus size allows for students not to feel lost or alone on campus. There is almost always a familiar face in the library, on the quad, or in the dining hall. In addition, the small class sizes allow for students to get to know their professors and achieve academic success in an environment that pays attention to the needs of students.

  • Julia Newcity

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Bristol, Rhode Island

    Major/Minor: Philosophy Major with a Minor in Religious Studies

    MC Involvement: Last semester I was a member of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority! Though I ended up deactivating for this semester to focus on my studies and my job, it was such a great experience to be a part of such an amazing and supportive group of women. I would definitely suggest rushing to any incoming freshmen because it allows you to connect with so many empowering ladies. I also actively attend discussions held by the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center, as well as attend events put on by Student Government. I have also held a campus employment position last semester, and definitely recommend applying to on campus jobs to anyone looking for work!

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College for a multitude of reasons. The Riverdale location is so convenient for going into Manhattan, and it provides residents with a tight knit community which is really unique for such a large city. I also chose Manhattan College because the faculty and staff were so welcoming and helpful when I was in the process of considering schools. As a transfer student, making a smooth transition was of major importance to me. Every office and advisor I worked with made my switch so quick and easy, and they really made me feel like I made the right choice. Meeting my fellow students also cemented my desire to come to MC because they were so enthusiastic and passionate about this school, which really encouraged me to be the same way.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about Manhattan College is that it is such a welcoming community. I genuinely feel like students, faculty, and staff alike feel connected with each other and know that if they ever need help there is a whole network of people to turn to. The MC community is extremely uplifting and inspires people to be their best, which makes for such a well-rounded college experience.

  • Casey Schellberg

    Casey Schellberg smiling.

    Hometown: Warwick, New York

    Major/minor: Childhood/Special Education

    MC Involvement: Captain, Cheerleading Team; Co-President, Relay for Life Club; Staff Writer, HerCampus Magazine.

    Why did you choose MC? Besides the amazing Education program that Manhattan offers, I chose to attend MC for its values, size, and proximity to both NYC and my hometown. As someone who loves to give back to others and my community, the Lasallian heritage and values that are at the heart of Manhattan College drew me in. The size of the campus also was a big factor in my decision for choosing MC as I knew I would be more than just a number to my professors and would have an easier time adjusting to college life on a smaller campus. Lastly, being only a little over an hour away from home and a short walk to the 1 train from campus, being able to easily go home if needed while also having access to all of NYC, influenced my decision greatly. Manhattan has so much to offer to its students and has an amazing community behind it, something that I could not pass by!

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about MC is the people! I have not met a single person on campus that was not willing to answer a question, help someone find a building on campus, or hold a door open for the person behind them. The attitude that my fellow Jaspers bring to our campus and community help make MC feel like home.