Meet the MODs

Meet the current students who will be assisting you as incoming students with the adjustment to college. They will introduce strategies and resources to help you become comfortable, confident and capable of academic success in college.
  • Schuyler Alpaugh

    Female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Blairstown, New Jersey

    Major/minor: Philosophy Major

    MC Involvement: The Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center, 2019 Manhattan College Mission Month Day of Service Planning Committee, Law Society, and Just Peace.

    Why did you choose MC? Manhattan College’s unique location and atmosphere made my college choice easy. I grew up in a small, rural town, and rarely visited the city growing up, yet I had always been drawn to the city’s energy. Uniquely located on 242nd street, Manhattan College offers the unlimited opportunities of the city, while simultaneously providing the classic college atmosphere away from the city noise.

    Favorite thing about MC: The students and the staff make Manhattan College something special. Everytime I leave my dorm, I get the chance to say hello to students and professors that I have met through small class sizes and club involvement. There are so many ways to meet new people on campus, and that is what gives Manhattan College its special sense of community.

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  • Ben Bagbek

    Male student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Queens, New York

    Major/Minor: Economics major with a Minor in Mathematics

    MC Involvement: Co-Coordinator for Manhattan College Martial Arts

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because I had felt like the best opportunities had awaited me here. The freedom they provide to its students is unmatched. I am an ambitious individual and Manhattan College gives me that room to grow and take positions in leadership roles which I value very much. I wished to attend a college that had an actual campus with thriving campus life while living in NYC at the same time. I did not wish to leave my city and Manhattan College gave me the perfect opportunity to grow as a person while residing where I grew up my whole life. Being only surrounded by city kids my whole life, Manhattan College gave me the opportunity to meet many different types of people and to really expand my world view.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the community that exists within this campus. The community that is build up from all the teachers, student and staff. The classes are small and professors know your name; actual relationships are being formed with your teachers. At Manhattan College I feel extremely safe and cared for. I am confident to say that if I ever would need help there will always be someone on campus that can help me.

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  • Corey Curran

    Male student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: East Greenbush, New York

    Major/minor: Civil Engineering with a Minor in Math

    MC Involvement: Spirit Coordinator of the Pep Band and Member of LGBTQ Club

    Why did you choose MC? I really liked the environment when I visited. The surrounding area is very welcoming. Similarly, the location right at the end of the 1 train provides for easy access into the city if desired.  In addition, I had heard many good things from several of my family members, including my brother, who also attends MC as a Civil Engineer, and my uncle who is an alum and now works here as the Vice President of Mission.

    Favorite Thing About MC? I really like the sense of community created by the Lasallian traditions of the school.  It allowed for me to really branch out and make connections with my peers and professors alike.  One such example is that one of my brother's friends told me I should try out to join the Pep Band. Joining such an active club has allowed me to make so many new friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise. The Lasallian values also create a very welcoming environment for minorities through clubs such as the Black Student Union, LGBTQ Club, Muslim Student Association, and many more!

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  • Abby Drayer

    Female student in front of flowers

    Hometown: Saugerties, New York

    Major/Minor: Physics Major with a Minor in Music

    MC Involvement: Vice President of LGBTQ Club, Secretary of Pep Band, member of Orchestra, member of Pipe and Drum Band, member of Performing Hearts, member of Physics club.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because it is a school with a strong science curriculum, that also values music and the arts. Manhattan College is unique in that here, I am able to blend my passion for music with the scientific degree I am pursuing. Manhattan College is also an accepting school with an LGBTQ presence, with inclusive groups and clubs for every demographic. Location-wise, Manhattan College, for me, is the perfect distance from Manhattan to enjoy the opportunities of the city, while still feeling tucked away in the greenery by Van Cortlandt Park. 

    Favorite Thing About MC? My favorite thing about Manhattan College is the bands on campus. Most of the great people I've met have been through my involvement in the four bands I participate in. Each band or club I participate in offers several extracurricular activities, and there are always plenty of events happening on campus to attend. Not only do I enjoy the bands outside of classes, but they also enhance my educational experience as a music minor.

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  • Alba Marsela

    Female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Yonkers, New York

    Major/minor: Economics Major

    MC Involvement: Management Club; L.I.F.T: Spiritual Retreats

    Why did you choose MC? Based on my first few visits I realized that Manhattan College is not just a school. It is a family. I found people willing to help me with every problem that I encountered as a freshman student and I never felt alone or forgotten. I chose MC because of the large variety of opportunities it offers both academically and culturally.

    Favorite thing about MC: My break times. Although the time I spend in class is very educational and important, my break time is the moment where I can get involved in the campus life by signing up for activities, jobs, and meeting new people. Another favorite thing about MC are the friendships that I have created with people from all backgrounds and cultures, and how everyone here is trying to embrace diversity, not fight it.

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  • Rosy Moody

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Telford, Pennsylvania

    Major/Minor: Double Major in International Studies and Spanish.

    MC Involvement: I am a member of Sanctus Artem. Sanctus Artem is a club on campus dedicated to the arts and exploring art through different mediums including visual and performance art. I enjoy Sanctus Artem because some of their activities use art to communicate themes of activism. Art should have a voice and can be used as a tool to bring awareness to social issues which can spark discussion and change.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because of the strong sense of community on campus as well as the New York City location which provides many opportunities for leisure and future career connections. The Manhattan College community is an active one. There are always events to go to which are student run or informational panels that help to further inform students.

    Favorite Thing About MC? I enjoy the small campus size because it fosters close friendships with peers as well as professors. The small campus size allows for students not to feel lost or alone on campus. There is almost always a familiar face in the library, on the quad, or in the dining hall. In addition, the small class sizes allow for students to get to know their professors and achieve academic success in an environment that pays attention to the needs of students.

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  • Julia Newcity

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Bristol, Rhode Island

    Major/Minor: Philosophy Major with a Minor in Religious Studies

    MC Involvement: Last semester I was a member of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority! Though I ended up deactivating for this semester to focus on my studies and my job, it was such a great experience to be a part of such an amazing and supportive group of women. I would definitely suggest rushing to any incoming freshmen because it allows you to connect with so many empowering ladies. I also actively attend discussions held by the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center, as well as attend events put on by Student Government. I have also held a campus employment position last semester, and definitely recommend applying to on campus jobs to anyone looking for work!

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College for a multitude of reasons. The Riverdale location is so convenient for going into Manhattan, and it provides residents with a tight knit community which is really unique for such a large city. I also chose Manhattan College because the faculty and staff were so welcoming and helpful when I was in the process of considering schools. As a transfer student, making a smooth transition was of major importance to me. Every office and advisor I worked with made my switch so quick and easy, and they really made me feel like I made the right choice. Meeting my fellow students also cemented my desire to come to MC because they were so enthusiastic and passionate about this school, which really encouraged me to be the same way.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about Manhattan College is that it is such a welcoming community. I genuinely feel like students, faculty, and staff alike feel connected with each other and know that if they ever need help there is a whole network of people to turn to. The MC community is extremely uplifting and inspires people to be their best, which makes for such a well-rounded college experience.

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  • Alana Pons

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Bronx, New York

    Major/minor: Economics Major

    MC Involvement: I’m very active on campus. I recently joined the sorority on campus, Sigma Delta Tau. This organization introduced me to a whole new network of positive and encouraging women on campus. I’m a Catholic Relief Services ambassador. In this position, I became aware of the needs of different countries and communities. Recently, I began writing for HerCampus, a magazine found on many college campuses targeted at the female demographic.

    Why did you choose MC? I choose Manhattan College it’s a relatively small campus and I loved how everyone knew each other. The faculty is not limited to caring about their students from the start and end of class; instead, the student/faculty relationship is never ending. Manhattan College faculty is known to support students in fundraising efforts and club events.

    Favorite thing about MC: If I had to narrow down to one thing I love about MC it would be the service immersion trips, known on campus as L.O.V.E. (Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience). These particular trips are different from other service trips because the focus is on education relating to social justice issues of different cities or countries rather then service. The Manhattan College L.O.V.E. trips are about what you can learn from rather than do for. We value justice over charity.

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  • Genesis Quezada

    Image of female student smiling in front of flowers.

    Hometown: White Plains, New York

    Major/Minor: Exercise Science Major with a Minor in Kinesiology

    MC Involvement: Barbell club and Green club

    Why Did You Choose MC? The college is close to home, beautiful campus, and small class sizes

    Favorite Thing About MC: The Quad, small amount of students per class, and communication with professors

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  • Lauren Schuster

    Female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Major/Minor: Double Major in Communication and English with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies

    MC Involvement: The Quadrangle Student Newspaper, Lotus Magazine, Poetry Night Coordinator.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I have always dreamed of moving to New York City and MC gave me the opportunity to live in the city and still have all the benefits of a small, close-knit school environment. I love how close the 1 train is and how easy it is to explore Manhattan and the other boroughs as well.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the people. I have met so many incredible friends and professors here that have completely changed my outlook on life. So many of my professors and friends have helped me to grow as a person in ways I never imagined possible back when I first enrolled here. I’ve met people with many different backgrounds and have been lucky enough to learn about and learn from their life experiences. This has allowed me to have a much larger view of the world than I did before I came to MC.

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  • Chloe Shea

    Image of female student standing in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Monroe, New York

    Major/minor: Accounting Major

    MC Involvement: Singers, Music Ministry, Peer Ministry, and the Gaelic Society

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because when I visited campus at open house and Accepted Students Day, I could really see myself here. I felt like it would turn into a second home for me. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay overnight with a friend in her dorm, and it really helped me to get a feel for what it would be like if I made the choice to commit to Manhattan College. I also very much liked how close the college is to the city, which gives students a lot to do and many opportunities to find internships and other career opportunities.

    Favorite thing about MC? My favorite thing about MC is how much of a home it feels like on campus. I always find myself running into friends while walking to classes or work, and it’s great to feel like I really belong and have my own place at MC. The atmosphere on campus is very welcoming and I think that is why it has become such a home to me. I often see people holding doors for each other, waving hello when they pass by friends on campus, making late night runs to the vending machines or the C-Store for a quick snack, and my most favorite, sitting on the Quad or the steps to Smith Auditorium on a nice and warm day. I hope that the incoming freshman find their own places on campus as well, making friends, joining clubs and often going to Lockes about five times a day. I can’t wait to play a part in welcoming the new students of the class of 2023, as well as seeing how they become more and more at home on campus.

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  • Sean Tierney

    Male student standing in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Yonkers, New York

    Major: Adolescent Education Major with a concentration in History

    MC Involvement: I am a member of the Gaelic Society, as well as a member of four intramural sports teams and a captain of two of them.

    Why Did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan because of the outreach I received when making my decision. Unlike other schools I applied to, I received numerous emails and letters from Manhattan about different events and opportunities before I even chose to go here. This helped me realize that Manhattan was a school that really cared about me, and wanted me to go there. I felt like a true member of a community, which was vibrant, diverse and welcoming. That is why I chose to go here.

    Favorite thing about MC? My favorite thing about MC is the outreach that I receive as a commuter student. Since the first week of my first semester, members of the commuter outreach program were messaging me and telling me about commuter only events that I can use to make friends. This was great for me because I was able to meet people who live near me and have similar interests. As a commuter student, Manhattan has made me feel welcome from the start.

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