Online Writing Tutoring

Staffed by trained peer tutors, online writing tutoring provides students with access to Manhattan College’s Writing Center support services from anywhere. Our online writing tutoring service is facilitated by trained tutors via Google applications, including Google Docs, Hangout and Chat.

Make An Appointment 

Appointments are REQUIRED for online tutoring sessions and MUST be made 24 hours in advance. Appointments are subject to availability. An email confirmation will be sent once the appointment has been confirmed. 

Appointments are for one-hour long sessions, and are available during the following times:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
  • Friday: 10am-5pm

To make an appointment, call us at 718-862-7782 or email us at You will need to provide us with the following information when making an appointment:

  • Your full name
  • Requested date and time
  • Name of the course that your writing assignment is for
  • Name of the course instructor

Preparing For Your Appointment 

1) Review the following documents:

2) To use online writing tutoring, you must have access to: 

  • A computer or laptop with internet connection
  • A webcam* 
  • A microphone* 
  • Manhattan College student Gmail address 

*These tools can be purchased separately if they are not already installed on your computer/laptop.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does online tutoring cost?

    Our online tutoring service is absolutely free of charge! There is no cost involved.

    Who are the tutors? Are they qualified?

    Online tutors are Writing Center consultants who are highly trained by the Center for Academic Success and extremely experienced. They are qualified for the job, and they will provide you with the best tutoring experience they can.

    Can I work with the same tutor all the time?

    Yes, you are allowed to request to work with a specific tutor that you have previously been tutored by. Unfortunately, due to availability and limited tutor schedules, we cannot guarantee that the tutor will have an appointment available.

    What happens if my tutor is late?

    The first thing to do is to call the Writing Center at (718) 862-7782 to contact the office assistant and let them know of the issue. If available, another tutor will be calling you to begin the session. If there are not any available tutors, the office assistant will help you to reschedule your appointment in the next open time slot.

    What courses will be covered by online tutoring?

    Online tutoring will cover all courses under Graduate and Undergraduate programs. When students make appointments, they will have to notify the office assistant of their class status.

    How early should I make my appointment?

    The earlier, the better! Keep in mind that walk-ins are not accepted; please make your appointments in advance.

    Is online tutoring better than tutoring at the Writing Center?

    It depends on the student’s preference. Some may like face-to-face interaction, and some may prefer distance tutoring. Some like to work with their assignments in a tangible way, and others prefer to work with a digital interface.

    How long is a typical online tutoring session?

    A typical online tutoring session will last an hour long at most. Appointments can be made for half hour slots as well.

    What if I want to reschedule my appointment?

    Make sure that you call the Writing Center at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment to cancel it. You will then be able to reschedule your appointment for the next available slot. If you fail to cancel your online appointment, it will count as a no-show.