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Training & Resources

Manhattan College is committed to providing relevant training and shared resources to members of the College community. Staying up-to-date with relevant laws and best practices is critical in creating and sustaining a culture of compliance at the College. Throughout the year, our office will share various relevant training and resources as they become available.

College Resources

Ethics and compliance training for employeesEthics and compliance training for students


Updated and accessible policies are important in creating and maintaining a campus-wide culture of compliance. It is also a fundamental part of the compliance and ethics program. Policies provide operational guidance and awareness to the Manhattan College community, and ensure the College adheres to all relevant laws.

  1. Manhattan College Policy framework: The policy framework explains how new and significantly revised College policies are handled from initiation to final approval. It incorporates the role of the PolicyStat library, identifies the various stages of the policy creation process, and designates responsible roles at each stage. It also provides guidance to the Policy committee, which reviews and approves each policy.
  2. PolicyStat: PolicyStat is the online policy library of the College. When fully launched, PolicyStat will be a searchable, user-friendly library of all updated College policies. A central library of updated College policies is important in creating a culture around compliance and ethics. Access PolicyStat
  • Committees

    Campus-wide committees are critical in creating and sustaining a culture of compliance and ethics at the College. Committees provide opportunities to have representation from various areas and interests within the College and work collaboratively on College-wide compliance issues. Committees also provide support to the mission and vision of our office in an advisory and partnership capacity.

    Two campus-wide committees have been established; the Compliance and Policy committees. Both committees represent critical compliance and leadership areas within the College.

    • Compliance Committee
      The committee is chaired by the Chief Compliance Officer and meets quarterly to discuss current and future compliance issues. The committee serves as a strategic partner and in an advisory role to the Chief Compliance Officer. Individual committee members work within their respective areas to promote a culture of compliance.
    • Policy Committee
      The committee consists of broad leadership representation at the College — Academic Affairs, Student Life, and the College administration. The committee is appointed by the president of the College and is responsible for reviewing and approving significantly revised and new College policies. In addition, the committee ensures all College policies are in the PolicyStat library, the policies are accessible, and updated as required by law and best practices. The committee, chaired by the chief compliance officer, meets quarterly to review pending policies. Finally, the committee ensures the policy framework is properly implemented during the policy drafting process.