Global Health Corps Fellowship

Deadline: January
Website: Link
Disciplines: Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Social Sciences
Years: Senior, Graduate Student, Alumni

All Global Health Corps fellows are motivated, intelligent, and believe health is a human right. They come from diverse backgrounds, and vary in educational experience, professional expertise, and personal story. Whether they have a background in management, education, research, technology or another field, each fellow brings a unique perspective to their Placement Organization and the GHC community. Fellows have meaningful impact on their Placement Organization during the fellowship year, while developing leadership skills and relationships within a supportive community that will prepare them for deepened impact on global health over the course of their careers.

GHC recruits placement organizations that are doing excellent work in improving healthcare access and health outcomes for the poor. Placement organizations range from small grassroots organizations to large global institutions. Placement organizations must identify an area of need, create a job description for a fellowship position, demonstrate the capacity to absorb two new fulltime staff, and identify a clear manager for the fellow team. Fellow candidates apply for specific positions with one of our placement organizations for which they have relevant skills and experience, and are selected jointly by GHC and the placement organization.

GHC currently places fellows in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia. Fellows work in a yearlong paid position with a manager at the placement organization who provides guidance and support. Fellowships are available in a wide range of areas, from monitoring and evaluation to supply chain management, communications to human resources. GHC focuses on engaging young people in fields that help to build health systems and improve health services without requiring clinical training. Fellows are evaluated regularly by placement organization staff, and through self evaluations facilitated by GHC.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

  • Be 30 or under at the time of application
  • Have an undergraduate university degree by July 2020
  • Be proficient in English