Meet the Online Orientation Leaders

Meet our Online Orientation Leaders that will be participating in your Jasper Live experience! These Orientation Leaders will be a great resource to answer any of your questions about Manhattan College.
  • Ben Bagbek

    Male student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Queens, New York

    Major/Minor: Double Major in Economics and Political Science /w a
    concentration in Environmental Economics

    MC Involvement: Manhattan College Mixed Martial Arts, Model UN,
    Student Life Committee, E3MC, MODs Peer Mentoring, and SETA.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because I believed this was where I would develop best as a leader. When I was making decisions about where to attend it was critical to me to find an institution that supported me and my ambition. I created Manhattan College Mixed Martial Arts with my friend that I met during Orientation. This is unheard of at other institutions. When I was told that the sky was the limit at Manhattan College, I fell in love instantly. Other institutions would never allow a Freshman to create a club; now Manhattan College Mixed Martial Arts had 470 Instagram followers. I have seen tremendous growth and the club is only getting bigger. Manhattan College supports me and provides many recourses to help build my dream. In my Sophomore year of study, I had the privilege of having an internship with a NY State Senator. Senator Serrano is a Manhattan College alumni; my experience so far at Manhattan has been amazing and I am looking forward to the future opportunities that await me.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the community that is present on campus. I am born and raised in New York City, so, I am not accustomed to people holding doors for me everywhere I go. The people on Manhattan College’s campus are all so nice. I could safely say for myself and other students on campus, Manhattan College is my happy place!

  • Jeremy Capuder

    Photograph of Jeremy Capuder

    Hometown: Albertson, New York

    Major/Minor: Civil Engineering

    MC Involvement: Physics Supplemental Instructor, Resident Assistant, Music Ministry, Deep Foundations Institute Secretary, Pit Band, Sacristans, and Peer Ministry Leader.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose MC for a lot of different reasons. The school’s Lasallian identity really resonated with me as a Catholic, and I could tell it would be a fantastic place to continue developing my faith in new ways, benefitting from the school’s inclusivity and many different service programs. Additionally, its proximity to New York City provides lots of opportunity and fun with friends to explore. One of the things that particularly drew me to Manhattan College though was how friendly each person I met was while checking out the school, and how genuinely happy they were to be there. I still meet great people every day at MC, and my professors, RA’s, and all the staff are always really helpful and kind in every way. For all these reasons and many more, I knew MC was the right choice for me.

    Favorite Thing About MC: Of all the great things about MC, my favorite has to be how supportive and dedicated all of my professors have been. Almost every professor I have had has been both passionate about their subject and extremely devoted to each student’s success. By way of offering numerous office hours, encouraging questions, holding many additional review sessions, and always accommodating for student’s schedules, the professors always prove they keep their students well-being in mind at all times. This dedication to student success and well-being is an amazing element of MC.

  • Corey Curran

    Male student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: East Greenbush, New York

    Major/minor: Civil Engineering with a Minor in Math

    MC Involvement: MC Pep Band, LGBTQ Club, Tutor: Center for Academic Success, and MODs Peer Mentor.

    Why did you choose MC? I really liked the environment when I visited. The surrounding area is very welcoming. Similarly, the location right at the end of the 1 train provides for easy access into the city if desired.  In addition, I had heard many good things from several of my family members, including my brother who just graduated from MC with a MS in Environmental Engineering, and my uncle who is an alum and now works here as the Vice President of Mission.

    Favorite Thing About MC? I really like the sense of community created by the Lasallian traditions of the school.  It allowed for me to really branch out and make connections with my peers and professors alike.  One such example is that one of my brother's friends told me I should try out to join the Pep Band. Joining such an active club has allowed me to make so many new friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise. The Lasallian values also create a very welcoming environment for minorities through clubs such as the Black Student Union, LGBTQ Club, Muslim Student Association, and many more!

  • Abby Drayer

    Photograph of Abby Drayer

    Hometown: Saugerties, New York

    Major/Minor: Sound Studies major with a minor in Physics

    MC Involvement: Pep Band, Pipes and Drums Band, Orchestra, LGBTQ Club, and SPS (Society of Physics Students)

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because it is a school with a strong science curriculum,that also values music and the arts. Manhattan College is unique in that here, I am able to blend my passion for music with the scientific degree I am pursuing. Manhattan College is also an accepting school with an LGBTQ presence, with inclusive groups and clubs for every demographic. Location-wise, Manhattan College, for me, is the perfect distance from Manhattan to enjoy the opportunities of the city, while still feeling tucked away in the greenery by Van Cortlandt Park.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about Manhattan College is the many clubs I have participated in. Not only have I made several great friends through each club, but they’ve also enhanced my academic experience! For me, the musical knowledge I gained through the bands I participate in enhanced my education within the Sound Studies program. Manhattan offers so many unique clubs and groups, there is something for everyone. You really have to try to not be involved at MC! 

  • Nadia Itani

    Photograph of Nadia Itani

    Hometown: Emerson, New Jersey

    Major/Minor: Civil Engineering

    MC Involvement: Student Government, American Society of Civil Engineers, Muslim Student Association, Center for Academic Success, Resident Assistant, and Society of Women Engineers.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I knew I wanted a small school because I appreciate being able to see familiar faces and build close connections with students and staff on campus. I think what put me over the edge in deciding to attend MC was the alumni network. Things like career fairs, the Mentor Program, and the general welcoming encounters I've had with alumni made me realize that the community of MC alum is one that I would absolutely benefit from being a part of.

    Favorite Thing About MC: Picture this. It's the first sunny day of the semester, and the weather is perfect. You get out of class and walk toward the quad and all you see is the entirety of the college campus enjoying the day together. You get to hang out with all your friends and probably make new ones along the way. You throw a Frisbee or a football around until you get tired then chat on the Smith steps with countless people until it eventually gets dark out. That's what I love about MC.

  • Alba Marsela

    Female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Yonkers, New York

    Major/minor: Economics Global Business

    MC Involvement: Management Club, Campus Ministry and Social Action

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because of its geographic location. Not only is MC close to my hometown, but it is also within a 30 minute distance to NYC. The people in my community would always describe MC as a great place. I soon realized that was the case when I visited the campus for the first time. The small class sizes gave me an opportunity to build meaningful connections with peers, professors, administrators and other staff members.

    Favorite thing about MC: There are many things I like about Manhattan College, but the friendships I have made and the experiences I have gained during my time here are irreplaceable. I also like the fact that you learn something new everyday just by sitting in class. There are so many great professors that make class time really interesting, fun and worth it. Another one of my favourite things about MC is the Quad during sunny days.

  • Rosy Moody

    Image of female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Telford, Pennsylvania

    Major/Minor: Double Major in History and Spanish with a minor in Economics

    MC Involvement: Sanctus Artem and Center for Academic Success.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because out of all the schools I visited I felt that Manhattan College had the best community. Students are engaged in school events and academics. The school size and location makes Manhattan College unique in that students are able to meet people from all different backgrounds.

    Favorite Thing About MC? My favorite thing about Manhattan College are the many opportunities for learning outside the classroom. There are so many clubs, events, and service opportunities that allow students to engage in activities in the real world. An interactive education allows for students to become familiar with the world in which we live and motivate students to become contributing members of society after graduation.

  • Anna Rosario

    Photograph of Anna Rosario

    Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey

    Major/Minor: International Studies, with minors in Peace and Justice Studies and Spanish.

    MC Involvement: Student Government, Fuerza Latina, JustPeace, Government & Politics Club, (Manager) Women’s Basketball Team, IALU participant, LOVE program, Admissions Tour Guide, Fair Trade Student Worker, Commuter Student Association, Club Oversight Committee, Multicultural Center, and the Model UN.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I wanted a school that could become my second home. I knew that I wasn’t going to be dorming from the beginning, and I wanted to feel welcomed. I found that in Manhattan, I found my home away from home- my second family.

    Favorite Thing About MC: The people are so special. There is a strong sense of community on campus and everyone seems to know everyone.

  • Lauren Schuster

    Female student in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Major/Minor: Double Major in English and Communications with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Women and Gender Studies

    MC Involvement: The Quadrangle Student Newspaper, Lotus Magazine, and Poetry Night Coordinator.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I have always dreamed of moving to New York City and MC gave me the opportunity to live in the city and still have all the benefits of a small, close-knit school environment. I love how close the 1 train is and how easy it is to explore Manhattan and the other boroughs as well.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the people. I have met so many incredible friends and professors here that have completely changed my outlook on life. So many of my professors and friends have helped me to grow as a person in ways I never imagined possible back when I first enrolled here. I’ve met people with many different backgrounds and have been lucky enough to learn about and learn from their life experiences. This has allowed me to have a much larger view of the world than I did before I came to MC.

  • Chloe Shea

    Image of female student standing in front of flowers.

    Hometown: Monroe, New York

    Major/minor: Management major with minors in Accounting & Business Analytics

    MC Involvement: Gaelic Society Co-President 2020, Fall 2020 Music Ministry Secretary, 2019 OL/MODs Peer Mentor, and MC Singers.

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because it was the one College out of every one I visited that felt like it could be a home. With the smaller sized and cozier campus, MC felt like a place I could easily become familiar with & I could see myself really enjoying it there. I also really loved how close the school is to the city, while it is far enough from the city that it makes you feel like you’re not really in the city/Bronx at all!

    Favorite thing about MC? My favorite thing about MC would probably be how much of a home I have made there. Participating in multiple clubs, forming a solid routine there, and having made so many friends and acquaintances, I couldn’t imagine my college experience anywhere else. I have a roommate that I can always have fun with & enjoy living with, we have so many great places to hang out and study on campus, and there is honestly never a shortage of new places to go eat or explore! Manhattan College is in such a place where I am able to enjoy the homey feeling it brings while also being able to explore the area and the nearby city whenever I want!