Meet the Orientation Leaders

  • Ricardo Archila


    Hometown: Peekskill, New York

    Major/minor: Business Management / Marketing

    MC Involvement: Management Club, Marketing Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Fuerza Latina, Italian Club

    Why did you choose MC? My Hispanic heritage along with my Catholic background are at the core of my beliefs and values. As a Lasallian college, Manhattan College provided me with a sense of security and an environment in which I could thrive. The proximity to the city, internship opportunities, small campus size, and community all gravitated me towards choosing Manhattan College.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about Manhattan College would have to be the people here, including my fellow students and the staff. Manhattan provides an extremely welcoming environment where you feel at home. Due to the campus size, you get to meet everyone in your graduating class. The professors are helpful and dedicate themselves to connect with each one of their students. The staff cares about you on a personal level; they want to ensure your success academically as well as post-graduate career.

  • Kerry Cavanagh


    Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, New York

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    MC Involvement: Student Government, Society of Women Engineers, Gaelic Society, Campus Ministry, Mentor Program, Social Life Committee, Resident Student Association

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose Manhattan for the favorable student-to-faculty ratio, tight-knit community, and overall family atmosphere that Manhattan fosters. As a second-generation Jasper, I can truly appreciate the legacy of Manhattan College and how our values have remained constant throughout the decades.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite part of Manhattan is the small class sizes because it allows me to build relationships with my professors along with my classmates. I am not intimidated in the classroom and can thus confidently ask questions and share my opinions with the class. Additionally, I love how welcoming our campus is. From holding the doors around campus to even simply offering a smile to a fellow Jasper, it is clear to me that Manhattan students care about each other and collectively aim at creating a warm and friendly environment during their four years at Manhattan College.

  • Shannon Colford


    Hometown: Epping, New Hampshire

    Major/minor: Communications

    MC Involvement: Women’s Rowing Team, Music Ministry, Compost Crew

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose Manhattan College because it had everything I was looking for in a school. I wanted a small, Catholic college with a campus in a city that offered me a good Communications program as well as opportunities to be involved in the community. Manhattan College offered me all of those things and more! It certainly was an added bonus that MC had free laundry, free printing and an unlimited meal plan.

    Favorite thing about MC: I love the fact that MC offers me so many opportunities. I have the ability to be involved in campus events, and the freedom to get nearly anywhere to participate in the community. I like that Student Engagement offers so many cool adventures, like Broadway shows or Jasper Jingle, that help to bring people together.

  • Tondreanna Esquilin


    Hometown:  New London, Connecticut

    Major: Communications with a focus on Public Relations

    MC Involvement: Multicultural Center, FourSight collective

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose Manhattan College simply because I wanted to be in New York! While yes, the school is in the Bronx and not downtown Manhattan, there are positive aspects to its location. The main positives that stand out to me are the trees, the fact that we have a quad, and the overall quiet. If we were directly in the city, these would not be available to us. Also, we are right next to the good old 1 train, so it is easy to get anywhere!

    Favorite thing about MC: I love the diversity within Manhattan College. I may be influenced by my involvement in the Multicultural Center, but I truly feel as though the College is diverse in terms of race and LGBTQ. The College also offers an array of diverse courses to take per requirement, which really helps make the education experience enjoyable. Lastly, the diversity in clubs. If a student wants to get involved, there is a club for almost everything and if there isn't, it's easy to start one!

  • Paul Fucao


    Hometown: Shanghai, China

    Major: Management

    MC Involvement: Manhattan College Players, the theater group on campus

    Why did you choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because of its small population and its location. Coming from a small boarding school with 300 kids, I felt immediately at home when I arrived at Manhattan College. The sense of community and friendliness made my adjustment to college virtually seamless. The location is prime for me, as we are right next to the city, but not in it. We get to access all the goodies Manhattan has to offer via the 1 train, while having the relative peace and quiet of the Bronx. 

    Favorite thing about MC: The campus. It is a relatively small one, but the abundance of scenery and the elevation change is breathtaking, both literally and figuratively. One takes the stairs up and goes through different levels of the campus, beginning with Kelly Commons, up to the quad, and ending with the residence halls at the top of the hill overlooking the city itself. It is a wonderful journey everyday as I traverse between classes and my dorm.

  • Mohamed Khalifa


    Hometown: Yonkers, NY

    Major/minor: Finance/ Computer Information Systems

    MC Involvement: Commuter Student Association, Community Outreach Program, Beta Alhpa Psi, Volunteer Income Tax Program

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose Manhattan College because it has a small and warm community feel, which allows for better interactions between students, professors, and resources. Having a small classroom environment was important for me because I knew that I would benefit from dedicated and individualized attention and provide excellent training for me as a future professional.

    Favorite thing about MC: It was amazing to find that this safe and friendly atmosphere, rich with opportunities, was nestled in the midst of a city I love and is easily accessible.  Knowing that having a business and technology-based major requires a metropolis to cultivate, remaining in the Big Apple was necessary.

  • Kelly Kret


    Hometown: Chappaqua, New York

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

    MC Involvement: L.O.V.E. service trip to New Orleans, tour guide in the Office of Admissions, SWE – the Society of Women Engineers, Engineering Ambassadors, Love Your Melon, a club that raises awareness for pediatric cancer, Campus Ministry, Social Life Committee

    Why did you choose MC? During my college decision process, I was looking for a Catholic college that had a strong sense of faith as well as a strong engineering program. Most colleges do not have both of these aspects, but Manhattan College was the perfect fit. There are so many opportunities for service work and community involvement, which have really shaped my college experience.

    Favorite thing about MC: The tight-knit community! Seeing familiar faces around campus makes it feel like home.

  • Hannah Lee


    Hometown: Monroe, Connecticut

    Major/minor: Special/Childhood Education dual major with a concentration in Spanish

    MC Involvement: Singers, Players, Music Ministry, Manhattones, L.O.C.o. program, intramural volleyball

    Why did you choose MC?  Aside from its easy access and close proximity to the city, I chose MC because as a prospective student I got the feeling that it was very close-knit and had a strong sense of community. It seemed like every student had endless opportunities to get involved with not only the school but with the community as well.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about MC is the size. It’s big enough where I am constantly seeing new faces, but it is small enough to be able to walk into the dining hall by myself and know people who I could sit with. I also love how involved the professors get with each student. Since most classes are under 30 students, all of my professors know every student’s name in their classes. They make an extra effort to get to know all of us so that if we need anything, they know exactly what to do. Most of my classes are very discussion-based instead of the standard lecture style class and I love it.

  • Christopher Nuzzo


    Hometown: Tampa, Florida

    Major/Minor: Communication with concentration in Public Relations & Broadcasting and minor in Theatre

    MC Involvement: Manhattan College Players, Manhattan College Singers, Manhattones (the school’s acapella group), LGBTQ Student Association

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose to go to Manhattan College because I wanted a school with easy access to the city, while still having small class sizes and a homey feel.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about MC is the school’s dedication to inclusiveness, and its strong sense of community. At Manhattan College, you will always feel like you are important and a part of a network that is dedicated to helping you achieve success. I am thrilled to meet you all at your orientation!

  • Isabel Quinones


    Hometown: Beacon, New York

    Major: Childhood/ Special Education (Math)

    MC Involvement: Performing Arts Scholarship Student, Singers, Jazz Band, Players, Campus Ministry Lector, Lasallian Collegians, Day of Service Planning Committee, Admissions Tour Guide. 

    Why did you choose MC? I chose MC because I felt a sense of community when I toured campus. I loved the opportunity to have a 5-year program as well as an upward extension to teach middle school. MC also appealed to me because of the campus life. There are so many events to take part of on campus and in NYC, our backyard.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about MC is the opportunities. As a student, you can get involved in almost any club or program. You have a real opportunity to get close to your professors and faculty. This campus has a very close-knit community and that is because of the opportunities that every student has to get involved.

  • Anna Rosario


    Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey

    Major(s): International Studies and Government

    Minor(s): Peace Studies and Spanish

    MC Involvement: Manager of Women’s Basketball Team, Commuter Student Association, Commuter Representative in Student Government (2017-2018), L.O.V.E Montana, Fuerza Latina, Government & Politics Club 

    Why did you choose MC? I chose MC because I grew up in Riverdale and had always gone to school in the area. In high school, I went to an all girls Catholic school on the other side of the Bronx. I came to see the campus on my 17th birthday last year and when I saw everyone outside “quadding” I just knew that this was the place for me, I felt at home. 

    Favorite thing about MC: How inclusive and warm everyone here is. Also, the close proximity to the city because there are many opportunities that we can take advantage of while still being able to be on a closed campus.

  • Audrey Sabatino


     Hometown: Bayside, New York

    Major/minor: I am currently Undecided in the School of Business, but I plan on pursuing a major in Management and a double minor in Music and Mathematics.

    MC Involvement: Manhattan College Singers, Manhattan College Players, Autism Speaks, Arches Program, Honors Enrichment Program

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose MC because of the community. Faculty and fellow students alike want to see you succeed, and there’s a wide variety of extracurricular activities to get involved in. Small class sizes allow you to get to know your classmates and your professors. When you walk on campus, you immediately feel welcome and part of the family. Also, both of my parents went to MC, and they still talk about how much they loved their time here.

    Favorite thing about MC: MC’s location offers opportunities throughout New York City, both recreational and educational. When selecting a college, I wanted to be close to New York City, but I didn’t want to be in the heart of the city either; I wanted a complete campus. At MC, I can do homework on the quad in the afternoon and then take the 1 train that night into midtown to see a Broadway show. I love that I can experience a suburban campus in an urban setting.

  • Alyssa Velazquez


    Hometown: Bronx, NY

    Major/minor: Secondary Education: Concentration in English

    MC Involvement:Production Editor of The Quadrangle

    Why did you choose MC?  I chose Manhattan College because I knew it would prepare me to be certified as a New York State teacher while still having a great college experience in NYC. Another factor that really drove me to choosing MC is the fact that everyone in the community is close to each other, like family, since MC is smaller than most colleges in NYC. That was really important to me because I felt that if I went to a big university I would get lost, but here at MC there is always someone offering help and support when I need it.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about MC, besides the people I get to work alongside with, is the fact that the college is so close to Manhattan. All you need to do is hop on the 1 train and in a few stops you’re in Manhattan! Home to some of the greatest museums, restaurants, and home to one of the largest parks in the city, right next to Van Cortlandt Park and Pelham Bay Park. What can be better than that?