Meet the 2023 Orientation Leaders

Meet our 2023 Orientation Leaders that will be participating in your Orientation experience! These Orientation Leaders will be a great resource to answer any of your questions about Manhattan College.
  • Amaya Behsman

    Photograph of Amaya Behsman

    Hometown: Derry, New Hampshire

    Major/Minor: English and Communications, Concentration in Advertising

    MC Involvement: Submissions Editor for LOGOS Academic Journal, English Department Student Assistant, and Branigan Research Scholar.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose MC because of the location; being right outside of the city offers both internship opportunities in the city and a campus-style college experience. I also chose MC for the small class sizes that offer close relationships with other students and faculty.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the community that it offers. There are always events and opportunities to get involved and meet new people around campus, as well as further your academic and personal career.

  • Audrey Daniels

    Photograph of Audrey Daniels

    Hometown: I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but moved to Birmingham, Alabama when I was 4!

    Major/Minor: International Studies

    MC Involvement: My freshman year, I was a part of the Emerging Leaders Program and I started working for the Recreation Department this Spring.

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose Manhattan College because of its location, still close enough to get some aspects of the city but also residential enough to be out of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, its programs, and the small-close knit community and atmosphere.

    Favorite Thing About MC: It’s hard to pick just one thing about Manhattan College that’s my favorite, but if I had to choose I would have to say that the community is my favorite thing. There’s definitely solidarity in being a Jasper!

  • David Kema

    Photograph of David Kema

    Hometown: Union, New Jersey

    Major/minor: Economics

    MC Involvement: Track & Field (High Jump)

    Why did you choose MC? I chose MC because it’s so close to the Big Apple. Being based in the land of opportunity allows for business majors like myself to thrive here.

    Favorite thing about MC: I like the sense of community here at MC. There’s always people advocating for a variety of school activities and looking for ways to help you on your journey here. They  are very welcoming when doing so.

  • Janita Dreher

    Photograph of Janita Dreher

    Hometown: Bronx, NY

    Major/Minor: Psychology Major, Communication Minor 

    MC Involvement: I am a Psi Chi member of the National Honor Society of Psychology  

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose to attend Manhattan College because of the welcoming atmosphere they allowed. I started online due to the pandemic and the admission office was helpful and informative during my process. Though I was not on campus, I still felt very welcomed as if I was by the professors and staff. I also love the color green lol!

    Favorite Thing About MC? My favorite thing about Manhattan College is the feeling I get when I walk on campus. Knowing that although I am in New York, it does not feel like it. It feels like a breath of fresh air. I also love how the professors are so caring and willing to help in any way. I really enjoy the opportunities and activities offered as well.

  • Jill Tuthill

    Photograph of Jill Tuthill

    Hometown: Mattituck, Long Island

    Major/Minor: Journalism major, Music and English minor

    MC Involvement: Editor of Manhattan Magazine, Assistant Editor of Logos, Piano Skills TA, Performing Arts Department Work-Study Student, Performing Arts Scholarship Student, WRCM DJ

    Why Did You Choose MC? I chose MC for the close proximity with which students get to work with their professors, particularly in the Performing Arts and English departments.  The professors work with students and their ambitions to help them succeed.

    Favorite Thing About MC: The camaraderie among students within their respective fields of study.  All students within their respective majors often care about it deeply, from ChemE to Sound Studies, which allows for students to work together and create amazing work that would be otherwise impossible to do.

  • Maria Pichardo

    Photograph of Maria Pichardo

    Hometown: I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which I consider my hometown. However, I came to the United States when I was 7 years old and have lived in Manhattan, New York since.

    Major/Minor: I am currently Undecided in the School of Engineering but I am in process of switching to the O’Malley School of Business. I personally felt engineering was not the right choice for me which is totally ok! I am confident that I am making the right decision.

    MC Involvement: I am a tutor at the Center of Academic success as well as future Orientation Leader. I am also part of Fuerza Latina, Black Girl Magic, Sanctus Artem, Commuter Student Association, Women and Gender Resource Center, and participate in Intramural Sports, which include volleyball, basketball, and softball.

    Why Did You Choose MC? Choosing a college was one of the hardest decisions for me. The one thing I was completely sure about was that I wanted to stay in the city and after visiting MC I fell in love with the campus. I loved the greenery and that it felt far away from the city. I also loved the vibes and the great people that attend here. I felt so welcomed.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the staff. Even though it does require us as students to make the first step forward and know when to reach out for help, it is totally worth it. My advisors, my professors, my counselor, even my manager from CAS, regardless of who it is, I have someone to reach out to when I find myself stuck.

  • Matt Regalado

    Photograph of Matt Regalado

    Hometown: Cuenca, Ecuador

    Major/minor: Biochemistry/Biolog

    MC Involvement: Manhattan College Singers, Music Ministry, Jazz Band, American Chemical Society

    Why did you choose MC? After going to high school in Ecuador, I was ready to move back to the US and meet new people and make some friends, but I wanted to stay close to home, as I was living in the Bronx at the time. Manhattan seemed like the perfect option for me, and I loved everything about it from the minute I saw it for the first time. I ended up joining Performing Arts at Manhattan, and love every minute of it. I have met some of my closest friends here and am excited to stick around.

    Favorite thing about MC? I love our small class sizes. This means it’s entirely possible to develop a close relationship with one’s professors, and oftentimes makes for a great experience. This also makes for being closer to one’s classmates, where making friends and studying together comes so much easier when you see each other all the time.

  • Michaela Sinead Scully

    Photograph of Michaela Sinead Scully

    Hometown: Tolland County, CT

    Major/Minor: Sound Studies & Communication

    MC Involvement: CMSA Student Worker, LOTUS Masthead, Skate Society President, WRCM Social Media Manager

    Why Did You Choose MC?: I chose MC because of the Sound Studies program. It is one of the only schools in the country that had a program similar to it, and it was the closest to home. I also knew I wanted to be in a city but also experience campus life, and when I toured the college the beautiful campus affirmed this was the school for me.

    Favorite Thing About MC: The community and opportunities I have found through being involved on campus are my favorite thing about Manhattan College. Since I started going here, I have had so many great experiences, such as the L.O.V.E. trip to El Paso, having my own segment on WRCM radio, and being involved in the LOTUS magazine and fashion show. Through these opportunities, I’ve met amazing people in the MC community along the way.

  • Muna Abdulle

    Photograph of Muna Abdulle

    Hometown: Boston, MA

    Major/Minor: Marketing and International Studies

    MC Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau and Black Student Union

    Why Did You Choose MC?: I chose MC because of its small class sizes and accessibility to NYC. Manhattan College caught my attention because it gives students the opportunity to connect with a tight-knit community and build professional relationships on and off campus. The location is also what caught my eye as just 30 minutes on the 1 train brings you to the heart of New York City.

    Favorite Thing About MC: Manhattan College's small campus has such a homely atmosphere. But my favorite part has to be my sorority sisters. It always feels like I have a friend on campus no matter if I’m in a classroom or just walking around. Being involved in the Sorority makes me feel like I have a family in the Manhattan College community.

  • Olivia Bailey

    Olivia Bailey

    Hometown: Shippensburg, PA

    Major/Minor: Sound Studies and Communications (Media Production)

    MC Involvement: Players, Singers

    Why Did You Choose MC?: I chose MC because of the campus and life. Our campus is like its own little island in the city and everything is just a subway ride away. It’s an amazing experience to be able to take advantage of the city.

    Favorite Thing About MC: My favorite thing about MC is the community. We are a small school, which means that I can walk around campus and always find someone that I know. The class sizes are also smaller and allow for more one on one time with professors and stronger relationships around campus.

  • Vanessa Goncalves

    Photograph of Vanessa Goncalves

    Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

    Major/Minor: Major in Computer science and a Minor in Math

    MC Involvement: I sing for the Music Ministry and am the secretary for Singers this upcoming year. I am also an intern at the WGRC and a member of the Rainbow Jaspers.

    Why did you choose MC? Manhattan College of the schools I was accepted to showed the most enthusiasm after I got accepted. They sent a plethora of emails talking about events on campus that they would love for me to participate in. Admissions in particular constantly reminded me that I was a daughter to be proud of given my academic background. They also did everything possible to make coming here a financially realistic option and truly supported my journey in higher education.

    Favorite thing about MC: Definitely Kelly Commons! When I first got on campus I found making friends hard until I discovered all the open spaces in Kelly just for students. The community in the Multicultural Center in particular is my favorite because anytime someone new shows up everyone is quick to strike up a conversation and involve you in activities at the center.

  • Johely Aguilar

    Photograph of Johely Aguilar

    Hometown: New Milford, New Jersey

    Major/Minor: Adolescent Education, BA in Physics

    MC Involvement: CStep Opportunity Program, Society of Physics Students

    Why did you choose MC? I chose MC for its strong education program with faculty who are well connected to the field and could provide me with job opportunities after graduation. Manhattan has offered me a supportive learning environment with its small class ratios that help me build relationships with my professors outside of the classroom. In demanding majors such as Physics and Education I knew that I’d have a strong support system here guiding me.

    Favorite thing about MC: My favorite thing about Manhattan College is the diverse student body and close knit community that we’ve built regardless of majors. There is a huge commitment to social justice and service on campus and you’ll always have an opportunity to cause a change whether it be in your circle or your whole community. Also the campus’ close proximity to the city provides us access to world class institutions while also serving as a calm retreat from the bustling city.