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Mid-Year Orientation

We look forward to your participation in our exciting Orientation program. A variety of activities and information sessions will connect you with key administrators, fellow students and current student leaders. Please note: Orientation events will be virtual on Tuesday, January 26 and in person on Wednesday, January 27

Tuesday, January 26

  • Welcome [JOIN]

    10 - 11 a.m.
    A welcoming address for our fellow incoming students.

Wednesday, January 27

Today's events will take place on campus, with the exception of virtual yoga at 7 p.m.

Walking Tours and Giveaways 

2 p.m. [Raymond W. Kelly '63 Student Commons, 2nd Floor]

Take a walking tour of campus and the surrounding neighborhood with our student leaders. 

Fitness Center Expo & Tour 

2 p.m. [Raymond W. Kelly '63 Student Commons, 2nd Floor]

Led by Jay Ahmed, Director of Fitness and Wellness.

Photo ID

2 p.m. [Raymond W. Kelly '63 Student Commons, 2nd Floor]

Charles Lippolis, Coordinator of One Card Office

Yoga & Meditation

7 p.m. [Zoom] 

Take some time to relax and de-stress at your own convenience with virtual yoga. 

Event link:
Meeting ID: 871 9990 1287