Time to Talk

Our Time to Talk events promote dialog about issues that concern our students on a local, regional and national scale. Check our calendar and social media for information about upcoming events.

Town Halls

The voice of the student is a prime concern for us. This is true for the faculty as well. Town Halls have become a part of the fabric of our community and the Multicultural Center is proud to keep that tradition alive in conjunction with prominent faculty members. 


We believe that there are topics that affect our community that deserve a deeper level of conversation and education. We are committed to providing environments that foster growth and comprehension of multiculturalism, social justice, diversity, and inclusivity. As such, we host two retreats a year to delve into national, regional, local, and campus issues that affect our community. Spaces are limited.

Desserts and Discussion

The Multicultural Center is a space of learning and exploration of diversity. We hope to foster dialogue that will help to broaden the minds of our community while providing a space for students to share their identities in a BRAVE way. Periodically we will host small discussion groups to tackle a topic that may be currently affecting our campus, or has the potential to impact our community. Come grab a cup of free trade coffee, or some tea, and a tasty treat while we tackle topics as wide ranging as police brutality to modern day Trap Music lyrics. All are welcome and we also welcome topic suggestions.

Question of the Week

Each week, we post a provocative question in the physical space of the Multicultural Center, in addition to our social media and web sites. You're encouraged to write your responses on our chalkboard in person, post to our social media sites, or grab a seat and have a conversation at the Center. We believe that we can have discourse without being discordant so we encourage and enjoy your opinions. Let us hear them.