Online Programming

We know that you value the community that our programs foster so we are committed to providing online versions of them, where we can. Check back here to see updates on what we are doing. If you would like to be put on our mailing, please send us a note to

Tiny Talks

The Multicultural Center is a space of learning and exploration of diversity. We hope to foster dialogue that will help to broaden the minds of our community while providing a space for students to share their identities in a BRAVE way. Periodically, we will host a speaker as part of our Tiny Talks program and invite a small discussion groups to tackle the topic that was presented. We took this program online and every Wednesday at noon, we presented a short form interview with a dynamic presenter on YouTube. Continue the discussion in the comment section and stay engaged with your fellow Jaspers. Check out this semester's interviews at Feel free to check that channel for past Tiny Talks as well!

Friday FunDays 

Friday afternoons are full of activities. Food, games, karaoke, Kahoot!, and laughter. We want to keep that going so every Friday at 12:30pm, we hosted a Google Hangout with all of your favorite people and some new faces.  Jaspers were able to share what food they were eating and where we can find it when resturants reopen.  We played our Kahoot for fun and prizes. Please join us when we return to campus in the fall!

Movies & Desserts

The Multicultural Center is committed to the exploration of identities and all the ways that they presents themselves. Movies are a very effective way that opinions around certain identities are presented. The Movies & Desserts program brings students to a movie (now virtually through Netflix Party) right from your computer as we discuss identities. All you needed was a Netflix account and Google Chrome!  

Here was the spring lineup:

March 31st - Lorena - Lightfooted Woman
April 7th - The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
April 14th - She Did That
April 21st - Inequality For All
April 28th - The Most Hated Woman In America

Question of the Week

Each week, we post a provocative question to our social media and right here in this section. We encourage you to respond by posting to our social media sites or emailing your answer directly to us at  We believe that we can have discourse without being discordant so we encourage and enjoy your opinions. Let us hear them.

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