Agitating in the Charism

Agitating the Charism is a joint venture between Catholic Studies and the LWGRC that highlights the voices and vision of persons working within Catholic and other religious institutions. We feature speakers who are working to expand notions of mission in more inclusive and more just directions, who are making “good trouble” within the charisms of their church or religious communities. While it’s true that in the work of activism and social movements, pressure for change frequently comes from outside, it is equally important to recall that authentic, revolutionary change can start, continue, or be fed from within. Thus, the speaker series brings figures to MC to help our community think about Lasallian mission--its present realities and its future possibilities, as well as our place in it.

  • March 2019: Jamie Manson, columnist, National Catholic Reporter, “We’ll Get Justice Together: Why Women and LGBTQ Catholics Must Unite in Their Struggle for Inclusion in Their Church.” 
  • October 2019: Father James Martin, SJ, “The LGBTQ Community and the Catholic Church.”
  • October 2020: Olga Segura, Author, “Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church”