Manhattan College’s Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center is an inclusive space designed to centralize resources, support, and advocacy for students having experiences related to gender, sexuality, including sexual assault prevention and gender justice. The LWGRC is a new initiative at Manhattan, opening in Fall 2018 in response to student advocacy. It is designed as a site of collaboration and solidarity between students, faculty, and the Office of Student Life, as well as our broader campus, Lasallian, and Bronx community

The LGWRC draws on Lasallian hallmarks to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive space for students grappling with gender and sexual identity as well as gender-based violence survivor response and support. It focuses on support, education, referrals, outreach, empowerment for students, as well as supporting research and scholarship on gender and sexuality in the Lasallian tradition

We are guided by the principles of intersectional and transnational feminism, and seek to create an intentional space in which to explore the experience of gender on a Lasallian, Catholic campus. We are committed to the Lasallian conception of inclusive community, and pay careful attention to the ways in which those with multiple marginalized identities experience gender-based oppression. Our purpose is to develop distinctively Lasallian resources to help students to intentionally grapple with experiences of oppression, privilege, and social justice.

The LWGRC’s Statement of Gender Inclusivity and Respect

In the Lasallian spirit of respect for human dignity, ethical conduct and social justice, the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center(LWGRC) supports gender as a meaningful political and personal identity that is fluid, mutable, unfixed, multitudinal, ever-changing and uninformed by binary and mutually-exclusive bio-medically identified sex organs at birth. Reflecting both a central Lasallian mandate and the New York Education Law Article 129-B, the LWGRC unequivocally states all people are entitled to the protection of basic human rights and to live and thrive without existence questioned or threatened. Regardless of a proposed legal redefinition of gender as immutable, unchangeable and fixed at birth in Title IX, 129-B protects gender identity and expression in ways that foster inclusivity and supports those who are most marginalized. With this “Statement of Gender Inclusivity and Respect”, the Center brings to focus the Lasallian star’s five points, which encompass the core principles of concern for the oppressed, providing quality education to the marginalized, recognizing and representing the voices of those who may otherwise never be heard, respect for all people and social justice. The LWGRC follows the Lasallian tradition of inclusive community by affirming the dignity of all people, thereby celebrating the diversity of the global community. It is the Center’s mission to ensure Manhattan College students do not feel alone and they are able to trust that their school will protect them.