About Us

  • Jordan Pascoe

    Jordan Pascoe
    Faculty Co-Director

    I am a Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies professor who works on questions around gender, sex, sexuality, race, and the family. I have been working with the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Committee to establish the LWGRC since 2016, when a group of students asked me: why don’t we have a women and gender center? Since then, I have supported students in organizing the annual Lasallian Women’s Conference, Women’s Week, and Take Back the Night. I have also collaborated with students through a Lasallian faculty-student reading group, and have developed scholarship on Lasallian intersectional feminism in collaboration with students. I am also the director of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love.

  • Roksana Badruddoja

    Roksana Badruddoja
    Faculty Co-Director

    I am a feminine/masculine WOC, a womanist, an interfaith and cross-cultural feminist, a critical race and transnational intersection theorist,  an urban akashic and shamanic practitioner, a professor of sociology and women and gender studies and a queer mother to three fierce energy beings. I teach courses on feminist research methods, social inequalities, women of color in the U.S., sex and violence against women, feminist activism, race and resistance and sociology of gender. I am the author of Eyes of the Storms: The Voices of South Asian-American Women; the editor of “New Maternalisms”: Tales of Motherwork (Dislodging the Unthinkable); and, a contributor of Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian Daughters in Obedience and Rebellion.

  • Jo-Ann Mullooly

    Jo-Ann Mullooly photo
    Graduate Assistant
    I graduated from Manhattan College in 2016 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Education. During my undergraduate years, I was an active member of the student body as a Resident Assistant and a Green Dot trainer. After graduation, I volunteered for two years with the Lasallian Volunteers program, living in St. Louis, Missouri and Tucson, Arizona. Lasallian Volunteers is a program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers that offers direct service in schools and agencies whose missions are to assist and accompany economically disadvantaged, marginalized and diverse communities. I am extremely excited to be back on campus, serving Manhattan College in this new role and in this very important space.
  • Reilly Rebhahn

    Photo of Reilly Rebhahn
    I am a senior at Manhattan College, studying History and Peace Studies. Being a part of the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center is an honor, as I am passionate about studies in women’s rights, racial justice, and exploring identity. I am an extrovert that loves to make people laugh. The best thing in life is connecting to others through laughter, conversation, and even music. Social justice is my biggest passion and I am inspired by the works of women of color before me who have laid the framework for feminisms. It is imperative to me that I hold space for others to grow in an inclusive and positive environment. As a Lasallian I embody resistance to systemic and systematic oppressions of the poor and most vulnerable, because it is my ethical responsibility to support my sisters, brothers, and non-binary colleagues.
  • Samantha Monfils

    Photo of Samantha Monfils

    I am a young Chilean woman from Southern California and a fourth-year sociology student here at Manhattan College. Throughout my time here not only have I been focused on my courses, but I have put a majority of my energy into organizing the annual Take Back the Night, an event with the mission of ending sexual violence in all forms. Additionally, I have have been involved with the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Committee to establish the center since 2016. After I graduate, I plan to obtain my teaching credentials and establish an intro to sociology course for high school students. In the meantime though, I am very excited to continue working with this center and committee so that it can develop into a wonderful space and resource for every single student on campus.