The Teach For China Fellowship

Deadline: January, March, September, October
Website: Link
Disciplines: Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Social Sciences
Years: Senior, Alumni

The Teach For China Fellowship is an opportunity for growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Our Fellows are not only teachers in their classrooms, but part of a larger community as they immerse themselves in local life. Applicants who successfully meet our selection criteria will be invited to join the  Fellowship Cohort. If selected, you will arrive in China in July to attend our Summer Institute. Institute provides the critical foundation of leadership skills and cultural context you will need to succeed with your students over the next two years. After Institute, you will be placed in a cross-cultural team of Teach For China Fellows in a high-need school in one of our placement regions. Throughout the two-year Fellowship, you will work in collaboration with a Teach For China Program Manager, who will help you design lesson plans, provide feedback from classroom observations, and track student achievement. Throughout the semester you will attend Professional Development Conferences to build leadership and teaching skills that will contribute to your success with your students. These conferences will also provide you with the chance to lead your own sessions to help support Fellows in your cohort. While Fellows serve in the classroom for two years, your involvement in Teach For China's mission will be life-long. As alumni, you will join a network of leaders from China and the US with the shared experience and conviction gained from leading your own classroom. Teach For China will work with you to build leadership skills and learn more about career opportunities, allowing your impact on educational inequity in China to continue after you leave the classroom.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

  •  have received a Bachelor's degree;
  •  be a US or Chinese citizen (includes those who have or are eligible for a Hong Kong or Macau passport, but not those who only have residency status);
  •  have at least basic proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.