Mable Arole Fellowship

Deadline: January
Website: Link
Disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Years: Senior, Alumni


In 2001, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc founded the Mabelle Arole Fellowship in honor of Dr. Mabelle Arole who died in 1999. The fellowship is named in memory of her dedication to the community and her wisdom to work with its members to determine what must be done and how to achieve improved child and maternal health status. Dr. Raj Arole, assisted by his daughter, Dr. Shobha Arole, continues to run the CRHP.

The Mabelle Arole Fellow will live, work, and learn in Jamkhed, India for one year. During that time, s/he will have experience in the hospital (in-patient and out-patient and in the field) and work on a project, depending on current CRHP activities and needs and your interest

The year begins with a 1-month course on community-based primary health care that starts in mid-June, with about 20 participants from around the world in the fields of public health, medicine and social sciences who want to experience CRHP's community-based approach to health and development in practice. The interactive curriculum includes focused discussions, field visits, group work and presentations on topics in the field of community-based health and development. For more information can be found on the CRHP/Jamkhed website. There is a good reference library on health and development.

The fellow will live and work on the CRHP compound, which includes the hospital, administration offices, training institute, and staff housing. Lodging is simple and basic (single or double room with a private or shared bathroom with Western-style toilet). There is a mess hall, which provides typical Indian meals. The fellow will stay in India for almost one year, at Jamkhed for 10 months and the opportunity to travel for one month (with the approval of Shobha or Ravi Arole). The fellow will be paid a stipend of $8000 in quarterly payments. This covers housing, living expenses, and travel, including airfare to and from India.

In order to adapt to living at CRHP, you should be flexible, open, able to adapt appropriately to other cultures (including food), and interested in learning from others, especially village people. The Fellowship lasts until approximately early May 2015; the exact date is at the discretion of the Fellow.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have completed your undergraduate degree by June of your application year.
  • Have been accepted to a U.S. medical school by May of your application year.
  • Be willing to defer your acceptance to medical school for one year.
  • Complete the application and other paperwork below.
  • Provide a medical certificate of health (if and when selected as fellow).
  • Be available for and have the resources to travel to Washington, DC for an interview in March.