Miscellaneous Employment


JOB TITLE: P/T Babysitter - posted 7-16-18
Erikka Ramkishun – erikkahh@yahoo.com
We're looking for a responsible person who can pick-up our 11 year old son from day camp when we are unable to pick him up at dismissal. The ideal person would be flexible and available within a day's notice. Our son attends Fieldston Outdoors and camp ends at 3:45 pm Monday through Thursday, and at 2:45 pm on Fridays. The camp session ends Friday, August 3rd, however we will require additional help until the school year begins in September. Pay rate is $15/hr.  Experience with middle schoolers preferred. Child development or Education major desirable, but not necessary. Please provide references from previous babysitting clients.

JOB TITLE: Babysitter - posted 7-11-18
Tara - taracartwright@gmail.com
Riverdale family is looking for a babysitter for 2 young boys—ages 3 and 6 months. We are looking for a student to work approximately 10 hours a week with availability for additional hours (including nights and weekends) at times. Ideal candidate is a freshman/sophomore education major that lives in the tri-state area. We are very flexible with the hours you work and can vary the schedule based on class requirements. Prior experience with young children is preferred. Pay is $17 per hour.

Job Title: Child Caregiver – posted 7-2-18
Contact: Benjamin Galynker, benjamin.galynker@gmail.com
Description: We are a Riverdale family living in the Kappock Street area, looking for a reliable caregiver to start immediately on weekdays from about 5-7pm to pick up our 5-year-old daughter from the summer camp bus stop, pick up our 2-year-old son from daycare (both of which are easy walking distance from our apartment), and then bring them home and start dinner. The kids are super well-behaved and greatly loved by their current babysitters.  Please respond with your full name, email address, phone number, prior child care experience, any relevant credentials (degrees, certifications, course of study in child development, etc.), and any upcoming obligations that might conflict with the 5-7 weekday schedule.  Please also provide name and contact information for your three most recent child care work experiences (including short-term babysitting).  Pay will be commensurate with experience. 

Job Title: Babysitter – Posted 6-28-18
Contact: Rachel Nataneli – rachb112@gmail.com
Description: Looking for a responsible babysitter for after-camp care with light housekeeping. $17 per hour/$300 per week. Please email me if interested. Prior babysitting experience and references required.

Job Title: Babysitter – Posted 6-21-18
Contact: Sara Strauss - 9177961888 - sarabrosenbaum12@gmail.com
Description: We are looking for a student who is energetic, kind and creative to babysit our three children during the evenings (530-8pm) - Monday – Thursday. Responsibilities include arts and crafts, reading, homework help and bedtime routine. Please provide references. 

Job title: Camp Drop Off and Pick Up – posted 6-14-18
Tovah Aronin - 2tovah@gmail.com
Description: Needed:camp drop-off and pick-up for 6-year-old. Hours are 8-9am and 4-6:15pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Dates are June 28-August 1. Location: Central Riverdale. Please email if interested.

Job title: Summer Afternoon/Evening Babysitter – posted 6-7-18
Miriam Hulkower – mba1286@gmail.com
Description: We are looking for a nanny for the afternoons over the summer to take my children off the bus, play with them and give them dinner until we return home from work. Dates: June 26th through August 18. Days: Mondays through Thursdays, Friday option available but not necessary. Hours: 4:45 pm - 6:45 pm. Locations: Riverdale, near Wavehill. Duties: Be present at the home when the bus arrives, play with the kids and give dinner - Have FUN! Salary: $15/hour.

Job title: Babysitter – posted 6-7-18
Michelle - mwashi77@yahoo.com
Description: Looking for a babysitter on Mondays, starting August 27th - December 21st from 3:00-6:30. I have a 3 year old and 7 year old daughter. Duties include giving them snack, helping with homework and putting their toys away. I'm looking for someone with experience who is loving, kind, patient and playful. You must be able to commit to these days and hours. 

Job title: Babysitter – posted 5-31-18
Ariel – Arielgweiner@gmail.com
Description: We are seeking a kind, creative, and responsible college student or recent graduate to help our family, Monday- Thursday 3-7pm (with occasional overtime) and Friday 1-5pm. Additional weekend hours available and encouraged. Family lives in Riverdale. Responsibilities include driving children (ages 13, 10, and 8) to various after school activities, helping with homework, and engaging the kids in fun and engaging projects.  Must have own car, clean driving record and experience with kids. $20/hr. Personal and professional or academic references will be requested. Interested and qualified candidates should email. Position to begin September 4, 2018.

Job title: P/T Assistant– posted 5-31-18
Description: Genetics professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine seeks part-time assistant to work in his home office in Riverdale, the Bronx. Responsibilities: I seek your help resolving a long list of home office and household tasks. In this position you'll work with me and help handle a wide range of to dos involving my office, finances, house and travel. I will ask you to perform tasks such as depositing checks, preparing other outgoing mail, opening and filing incoming mail, completing forms, buying specific items on-line, returning incorrect items, searching for information, filing insurance claims, and reserving flights and hotel rooms. Document management tasks include scanning, copying, organizing, filing, and shredding papers. I may ask you resolve problems by calling my bank, phone company, or other company or organization. We will sit at a large shared desk in my home office, and work through a list of tasks each day. Some of the work involves physical activity, such as unpacking and putting away deliveries, organizing the office, or moving light things in the house. Required skills: We work together, so a congenial, collaborative attitude to work is essential. Many of the tasks require careful attention to detail. You must be able to keep private information confidential. You must bring a laptop to work, and be skilled at using it. Roughly four hours one weekend afternoon a week, two or three weekends a month, at a mutually convenient time. We will skip weeks when I travel. I am seeking someone who can help me at least through the rest of 2018, and hopefully longer. Start date: immediately. Two references required. Please email your resume and optional cover letter if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – posted 5-23-18
Michelle – mwashi77@yahoo.com
Description: Looking for a babysitter on Mondays, starting August 27th - December 21st from 4:30-6:30. I have a 3 year old and 7 year old daughter. Duties include giving them snack, helping with homework and putting their toys away. I'm looking for someone with experience who is loving, kind, patient and playful. You must be able to commit to these days and hours. 

Job title: P/T Sitter for 13 year old boy – posted 5-17-18
Shirley Glickman – zevartz@aol.com – 718-541-1243
Description: Male college student needed as a sitter for a 13 year old boy in Riverdale.  Able to work about 4-8 hours per week, including weekend, very flexible. Take my son to the park, play/teach a sport.  Take my son to the Riverdale Y (all costs including transportation to and from Y covered).   Engage in activities/sports, play board games, read to/with my son. Help with homework.  Occasionally supervise play dates.  LOCATION:  Central Riverdale, about 7 blocks from Manhattan College.  SALARY: commensurate with skill set and experience (references required).

Job title: Part-Time Babysitter – posted 5-11-18
Amanda Lieber – 216-789-3154- Amanda.altman1@gmail.com
Description: I'm looking for an energetic, caring and responsible student to watch my two (cute!) boys—ages 3 and 5—from 3:30–5:30pm (ideally) five days a week, starting at the end of June and extending through the school year. We live in Central Riverdale, near Menchie's/Starbucks. The job would include bringing the kids home from the bus stop (a block away), hanging out and washing their lunch box/water bottles. (Not looking for someone to bathe, feed, etc.) Please feel free to call or email if interested.

Job title: Summer Afternoon Babysitter – posted 5-8-18
Allison – allison.steinmetz@gmail.com
Description: I'm looking for a summer afternoon babysitter from approximately 3:15 - 5:45 Monday - Thursday and 1:15-5:30 on Friday.  The job includes picking up my sons (ages 3.5 and 6.5) from their camp buses and playing with them in my apartment until I come home from work.  The babysitting job will be from June 25 through August 17.  I live in central Riverdale (239th and Henry Hudson Pkwy) and the job pays $15 an hour.   If you are interested, please email me.

Job title: P/T Summer Babysitter – posted 5-8-18
Alyssa – klapperster@gmail.com
Description: Seeking energetic and fun part-time summer babysitter/mother’s helper in central Riverdale (246th St).  Hours and days flexible, but afternoon/evening preferred.  We are a fun friendly family with four children. We have a great playground and pool.  CPR training preferred, must be a decent swimmer.  Please email if interested with your experience and babysitting references.

Job title: Tennis Instructor – posted 5-8-18
Contact: Alyssa – klapperster@gmail.com
Description: Seeking engaging tennis instructor for two elementary age beginner students.  Located close to the college at 246 and Independence.  References required, please email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – posted 5-3-18
Allison – allison.bellin@gmail.com – 917-306-1509
Description: Looking for someone to watch my 9 year old son after school and after camp. Until school is completed, the hours are between 3:45 pm- 6 pm. On Fridays, the hours would be 2-5 pm. During the summer, the hours would begin at 5 pm until 6 or 6:30 pm through July. August may not be needed. I would be interested in having the babysitter continue through the following school year, if possible. Pay is $15/hr. We are located on the west side of Henry Hudson Pkwy. two blocks south of the Whitehall building. If interested, please contact me.

Job title: Babysitter – posted 5-2-18
Vicky – Vikis527@aol.com – 646-249-4750
Description: Looking for someone who is reliable and loves children. For my 2 sons, who are 6 and 8 years old. During July and August, for about 20 hours a week. Time flexible. 

Job title: Part Time Babysitter – posted 5-2-18
Adalisse – adalisserodriguez@gmail.com– 917-334-5798
Description: Description: We're looking for a part-time babysitter. Responsibilities include picking up kids after day care and school, helping with homework, after school activities and serving dinner. Kids are 8 years old and 18 months old. Hours are 4pm to 7:30/8:00pm. Must be reliable and interested in a long term, steady job during school year and summer break. Must like dogs and not be allergic to them. Located in South Riverdale. Please email me if interested.   

Job title: Babysitter – posted 5-2-18 
Contact: Adrianne - acherpak@yahoo.com
Description: Local Riverdale family looking for after-school care from 5-7pm, M-F.   Please contact me for more information.

Job title: Afterschool Babysitter – posted 5-2-18
Contact: Caryn Keller- carynkeller87@gmail.com
Description: We are looking for an afterschool babysitter for our 5 year old daughter starting in late August.  Hours are Monday- Thursday 3pm-6pm.   We are located in central Riverdale. 

Job Title: Part Time Babysitter – posted 5-2-18
Contact: Denise Peled - denisegildea@msn.com
Description: We are looking for an experienced, energetic and FUN babysitter from June to August to pick our 6 year old son from day camp in Riverdale and plan some fun activities (park, pool..). Hours will be M-F 4-6pm. Compensation is $15 -$20/hour depending on experience.  Please email if interested for more details. 

Job Title: Part Time Babysitter – posted 5-2-18
Contact: Michelle Singer - mes334@gmail.com 
Description: We are looking for a part-time Summer and hopefully into the Fall (but not required) babysitter in Riverdale to help watch our sweet 24 month old twin boys and 5 year old son (who will be in school/camp most of the day). We need someone ideally 2 to 3 days a week for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. Some days would be additional hours depending on our needs. We are looking for someone trustworthy and kind who can take them to the park, play, read and help feed/bathe.  Please contact me if you are interested. 

Job title: F/PT Servers – posted 4-25-18
Ken Dubin – ccriverdale@gmail.com
Description: Full/Part time servers needed for busy fine-dining establishment in Riverdale. Experience preferred, but not necessary. Email cv/resume with contact info.

Job title: Babysitter – posted 4-25-18
Leah Lipskar – 347-463-5507 (call or text)
Description: We are looking for an experienced babysitter to help care for our 3 daughters (ages 7, 12 and 14) after school in the spring and after camp over the summer (approximately 4pm-8pm) 2 or 3 days/week.   Our older daughters are usually busy with after school activities, so it would often just mean staying with our 7 year old.  Responsibilities would include meeting the bus, occasional homework help and basic dinner preparation.  We live right down the street from Manhattan College, so it's an easy commute.  Our girls don't have any special needs, but are rambunctious and fun loving, so we are looking for someone energetic.  Also, we have two small dogs (12 and 15 lbs., respectively), and they will be around the house.  We are willing to pay $15-$20/hour depending on experience.   Please call or text if interested.

Job title: Babysitter for June/July– posted 4-18-18
Samantha - 703-346-4780 - samanthamontrose@gmail.com
Description: We are located in Central Riverdale and are looking for a kind, patient and responsible babysitter to work full time hours (M-F) while our current babysitter is on maternity leave in June and July (and potentially some of August).  We have 3 year old twin boys who will be at home and a 5 year old girl who will be in day camp until the afternoon on most days. Please contact me if interested.

Job Title- Advanced Placement Workers – posted 4-18-18
Contact- Bridget Chalk – bridget.chalk@manhattan.edu
Description- Manhattan College, in cooperation with the College Board, offers the Advanced Placement Summer Institute each summer. From 7/30-8/3/18, week-long courses will be offered in 24 content areas and approximately 300 teachers from all around the world will attend. We are looking for motivated, active students to serve as workers during this week. The hours would be approximately 7:30-5 Monday-Friday, and 12-7 on Sunday 7/29. The pay is $13/hr, and includes room and board for the week. All interested candidates should contact Dr. Bridget Chalk at bridget.chalk@manhattan.edu.

Job Title- Assistant for the Advanced Placement Summer Institute – posted 4-17-18
Contact- Bridget Chalk  – bridget.chalk@manhattan.edu
Description- Assistant for the Advanced Placement Summer Institute (freshmen or sophomores preferred). Manhattan College, in cooperation with the College Board, offers the Advanced Placement Summer Institute each summer. The Institute trains high school teachers to foster a focused learning environment in various Advanced Placement subject areas, according to the latest trends and learning strategies that help to promote the skill set necessary for high school students to be competitive and to excel academically in college. Each summer, week-long courses are offered in 24 content areas and approximately 300 teachers from all around the world attend.  This position will require a few hours a week in May, approximately 10-20 hours a week in June and early July, and will be full time from 7/20-8/3. There is the opportunity to rise to Director's Assistant next year. The Assistant’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Creating promotional material: brochures, publicity letters, faxes, etc.eet etet
  • Processing participant’s registration forms.
  • Managing the accounting (processing participant’s payments, invoices, receipts and schools P.O) along with Bursar office.
  • Interacting with participants to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding workshops.
  • Buying needed material for the workshops
  • Overseeing housing and lodging for participants.
  • Arranging classes, and finding resources necessary for successful development of 25 workshops.
  • Tracking and evaluating each workshop. 

Please direct any questions to:  bridget.chalk@manhattan.edu.
Bridget Chalk
Associate Professor of English
Director, Advanced Placement Summer Institute

Job Title- Part-time Babysitter – posted 4-10-18
Contact- Sharon – 917-608-4557-ssiderow@hotmail.com
Description- I’m looking for a part time babysitter to pick up my kids after school, help with homework and after school activities. Availability is late spring and summer months. Need someone experienced and reliable who’s interested in a long term, steady job with a great family in Riverdale. Pick up from school between 2-4pm until 6-6:30pm with occasional later stays. Please contact me if interested.


Job title: Tutor – Posted 4-5-18
Sheila – sheilayuchen@yahoo.com
Description: College student to help high school students at home (North Riverdale area). Prefer tutor that is strong in science (specifically Chemistry) and able to explain concepts well so that the children can understand. May also be asked to provide assistance in other subjects in need of improvement. Must be patient and enjoy working with kids. Pay is $25 per hour. To begin as soon as possible. Specific days of the week are to be determined.

Job title: Summer P/T Sales Associates – Posted 4-5-18
Tommy Bahama Store– apply online @ tommybahama.com/careers
Description: Tommy Bahama store located in the Westchester Mall has openings for part-time sales associate positions for the summer that can continue into the school year. Great benefits on clothing as well as the ability to receive up to 15% bonus per month on top of paycheck depending on sales met. Scheduling is flexible. Apply online if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – Posted 4-5-18
Michelle – mwashi77@yahoo.com
Description: Looking for a babysitter for the month of July and August. I'm looking for a trustworthy, reliable babysitter to commit to watch my 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son. I need someone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 11th - August 7th from 3:00-6:30 at my home. No cleaning or preparing meals necessary.  I want someone who can play, read and be engaged with my children. 

Job title: Barback Needed – Posted 3-28-18
Niall – 914-525-5331
Seeking part time barback- 3 shifts available Friday night Saturday night and Sunday day. Experience would be nice but will train if needed, immediate start.

Job Title- Babysitter – posted 3-27-18
Contact- Joanna Tellis – joannatellis@gmail.com
Description- Riverdale family looking for summer babysitter for two boys (6 and 9 years old). We would like a sitter who is engaged and active, able to make sure our boys get a mix of down time inside and active time outside. Most days will involve staying in Riverdale; we may suggest a couple of field trips. The weeks we need a sitter are somewhat flexible (between July 2 and August 17) so please contact me and let me know if you're interested and what weeks you're available. References required.

Job Title- Tutor – posted 3-27-18
Contact- Riley Carter – 646-271-4367/or Rosemary MacMillan – 917-617-8264
Description- Tutor needed for 11th grade female student in trigonometry and chemistry. Must be proficient in these subjects and able to explain concepts.  Student lives in Riverdale but is mobile. Availability afternoons and/or weekends. Pay is $20 per hour but is negotiable. Bonus of $50 for each subject if Regents passed in June.

Job Title- Spanish Language Lessons – posted 3-27-18
Contact- Denise Sanchez – ds385@columbia.edu
Description- Seeking a Spanish language teacher for language lessons for a preschooler in Riverdale Bronx (residence is a very short walking distance from the Manhattan College campus). Spanish is spoken as a 2nd language in the home but child received early intervention speech services in English so has primarily adopted English as his dominant language. Experience working with preschool age children and/or experience working with children with mild developmental delays a plus. Hourly rate will be competitive and is negotiable based on experience. Start date is flexible. Please submit resume and desired hourly rate.

Job Title- Lunch & Dinner Cook – posted 3-22-18
Contact- Joseph Juliano, FSC – juliano@fscdena.org
Description- Are you interested in working in a low stress environment that will exploit and hone your culinary creativity? An experienced and professionally trained foodservice professional is needed to prepare lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday and brunch on Sunday for 4-20 people in Ocean City, NJ during the peak season (June to mid-September) 7days/week. You will be working in a new state of the art kitchen with all the culinary accoutrements. Duties include: menu prep, some food shopping, and clean up. Must have a valid driver’s license. Position pays $16 to $18/hour commensurate upon experience. Please send resume and letter of intent to Br. Joseph Juliano, FSC at juliano@fscdena.org.

Job Title- Nanny Position – posted 3-22-18
Contact- Miriam Hulkower – mba1286@gmail.com
Description- I am looking for a nanny for my children, primarily for my 18 month old son.  He is a ton of fun and loves to play!  We need someone from 7-530/6pm Monday through Friday and need to start as soon as possible.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Job Title- Saturday Sales Help – posted 3-22-18
Contact- Sarah Shapiro – Sarahtwine65@aol.com – text 914-589-9842
Description- Looking for sales help at jewelry store located in Scarsdale. Saturdays from 10-5:30 pm. Experience in sales needed. Must enjoy people interaction. Need to be patient and personable with customers. Need someone to start soon.

Job Title- Afternoon Babysitter – posted 3-22-18
Contact- Gail Sugarman – gailsugarman@gmail.com
Description- Looking for afternoon babysitter for 3 children, Monday – Thursday, 5-7pm. Located in central Riverdale.

Job Title- Photographer – posted 3-22-18
Contact- Aliza Lipschitz – alizalipschitz@gmail.com – 914-907-4422
Description- Looking for someone majoring in photography or with a passion in photography to take photos of a newborn baby in an apartment in central Riverdale. Experience with newborns or taking family pictures would be ideal but not required. Please respond with samples of your work and pricing. You can reply to email.

Job Title- After School Babysitter – posted 3-13-18
Contact- Sharon D’Amelia- sharon.damelia@manhattan.edu
Description- Looking for someone to pick up son from day camp in July and to continue when school begins in September for pick-up. Pick up is around 3:00 pm and stay until 5:00 pm- when I arrive. Need the person 3 or 4 days a week. I am located in lower Westchester- ideal person has own car. Please contact me for all details.

Job title: Light Housework/Baby Cleaning - posted 3-13-18
Contact: Lilach Farhi - lafnyc82@gmail.com
Description: Looking for a student to tidy up our apartment in the evenings. The job includes washing dishes, washing and sterilizing baby bottles, tidy up the kitchen, mopping, once a week baby laundry and bathroom cleaning. I need assistance in random days for a few hours in the evenings from 5 or 6 pm. I am flexible about the time you begin but later is better. We live in walking distance to Manhattan College. Applicants must have experience with infants, and be flexible in terms of days. The position can start immediately, applicants may email for more details.

Job title: P/T Teacher Aide/Group Leader- posted 3-13-18
Contact: Kristy Leader – KLeader@riverdaleonline.org 
Job description: 
Riverdale Neighborhood House is hiring part-timeTeacher Aides and Group Leaders to work with Preschool and Elementary School aged children from approximately 2:00pm-6pm Monday-Friday. If interested email resume.

Job title: Tutor – Posted 3-8-18 
Contact: Bonnie@bronxcommunity.org 
Description: Tutor needed to assist 7th grade student with preparation for SHSAT.  Student specifically wants instruction and support in grammar content-test taking skills are not needed. Familiarity with the grammar content of SHSAT is needed. Pay is 15/hour.  Tutoring will occur in student's home in Yonkers.  Schedule will be coordinated between tutor and student's parents. Availability weekdays after 6pm and weekends.

Job title: Photography Sales – Posted 3-8-18 
Contact: Jeffrey Schifman - SaycheeseKidz@gmail.com 
Description: Say Cheese Kidz, a boutique school and sports photography business is looking to hire outside sales staff to enhance our business.  We are expanding our services to reach more schools, and sports leagues within the Upper New York region.  You must have prior proven sales experience in an outside sales capacity.  Be able to book appointments, make presentations, assist with collaterals, and manage relationships with clients.  This is a part-time position on a commission basis.  Great for college students looking to enhance their business experience and earn extra cash.  Please forward your resume if interested.

Job title: Server/Host/Runner - Posted 2-22-18
Contact: Management at DeCosta’s Restaurant- 914-964-8887 
Description: Fine Italian dining located at 400 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers looking for server/host/runner.  

Job title: Mommy’s Helper – Posted 2-22-18
Contact: Lilach Farhi – lafnyc82@gmail.com
Description: Looking for a Mommy’s Helper with my one year old baby in Riverdale. I need assistance on random days for a few hours in the early mornings. We live in walking distance to Manhattan College. Applicants must have proven experience with infants, and be flexible in terms of days. The position can start immediately, applicants may email for more details.

Job title: After School/P/T Babysitter – Posted 2-22-18
Contact: Glenda Sandoval – 917-553-9813
Description: Looking for someone to pick up my son from school at 2:15. I get home around 6:15pm. It won’t be every day, probably 2-3 times per week (Mon – Fri). Located in Riverdale area.

Job title: Homework Helper – Posted 2-6-18
Contact: Jennifer Donato – jendo1014@gmail.com
Description: I am looking for someone to help my 6th grade son with his homework, studying and creating study habits for a few hours a week.

Job title: Bartenders/Servers Needed – Posted 2-6-18
Contact: Niall – niall@tryonpublichouse.com – 914-525-5331
Description: Seeking bartenders and servers for two (2) busy American Bar and Restaurants, located in Washington Heights and Inwood uptown neighborhoods, Tyron Public House located at 4740 Broadway, and Tubby Hook Tavern located at 4946 Broadway (both accessible via 1 train). Experience would be nice but not required. Need to be 18 for servers and 21 for bartenders.  Please email resumes or call if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: melina.a.mendez@gmail.com
Description: I am looking for a sitter for my two boys, ages 8 and 5. I'm looking for someone to be able to work 7 am to 8 am and/or 2:15 pm to 5:15 pm. We live in walking distance to Manhattan College. Applicants can email for more details.

Job title: P/T Clerical Position – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: Luz M. Perez-Salcedo – 718-884-7676 Ext. 220
Description: The clerical position is available immediately at Lemle & Wolffe, Inc, 5925 Broadway, Bronx, NY.  We need someone for approximately 10 hours a week.  Responsibilities would include data entry, filing, processing of general correspondence and general clerical tasks. We are currently offering $13.00 an hour for this position and the hours are flexible. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: After-school babysitter – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: chris10rittr@gmail.com or 718-362-0362
Description: We are looking for someone to care for our kindergartener after school every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Must be available to pick-up at 2:20 or 4:15 and stay until 5:30 - 6:30.   Availability on Tuesdays and Fridays and later into the evening is a plus.  Job is in Riverdale.  

Job title: Website/Social Media Assistant – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: Marilyn – marilyndeborah@yahoo.com
Description Looking to find student well versed in social media plus optimizing my website. I would like to get more traffic to my site, as well to connect my social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: Mason Jenkins- masonjenkins100@yahoo.com
Description: Part time baby sitter needed for two children, 5 and 7, for two or three evenings a month.  $12-15/hour. Located very near Manhattan College.  Please email if you are interested.

Job title: Babysitter – Posted 1-26-18
Contact: roshwalb@yahoo.com
Description:  Looking for a babysitter Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm to 5 or 6pm.

Job title: P/T Host of Kids Board Game Club– Posted 1-18-18
Contact: Victor German – victor@redcubeplanet.com 
Description: The Club Host oversees the daily activities at the club and coordinates various board games. Additional responsibilities include: keeping sign-in sheets and registration for upcoming club events. Main functions include: helps kids find the age-appropriate and/or theme-inspired games, explains and teaches the game rules, coordinates team games and tournaments, participates in games. Qualifications: must have open and friendly personality, knowledge of various board games, ability to work with children. Please email resume if interested.

Job title: Tutoring – Posted 1-18-18
Contact: Jacob Vargo - 347-668-2524 – jacvargo@yahoo.com 
Description: Looking for a reliable student who would like to do tutoring for a 3rd grader and 7th grader to prepare for the state exams. I have all the necessary textbooks. Dates and times are flexible. Please call/email if interested.

Job title: Babysitter – Posted 1-18-18
Contact: Adena Blickstein – kozy72@gmail.com – 917-613-0886
Description: Local Riverdale family is looking for a female college student who is available on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:20-6:30pm to babysit for two active, fun, and creative boys ages 7 and 9. Candidate must be patient and nurturing as well as someone who can set limits. Previous experience with childcare of this age group is a plus. If interested please e-mail or text.

Job title: Afterschool Driver - Posted 1-17-18
Contact: Alice Kim – alicekim@gmail.com 
Description: Seeking punctual, responsible driver with own vehicle to pick up student from Horace Mann School and drop off on UES after school. Clean driving record required. $25/ride flat fee compensation. 

Job title: - Tutor/Study Hall Monitor Part Time - Posted 1-10-18
Contact: Steve Marcellino– 917-538-5671bbcoachs@aol.com
Description: Looking for a tutor (general subjects) and study hall monitor at Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers a couple of days a week generally from 3-5 and perhaps for a couple of hours on Saturday. Basic skills in Anatomy, US History, English, Earth Science and Geometry would be helpful to assist student when studying. Position is immediate. Please call if interested.

Job Title: Fitness Coach for 5 year old girl – posted 1-10-18
Contact: blmaslow@gmail.com
Description: Looking for someone to create a fun and exciting fitness program with my adorable, hysterical, energetic 5 1/2 year old daughter who is overweight.  This would be a great position for someone interested in physical fitness and children. The ideal candidate is someone who can approach the job with sensitivity and emphasize having fun and staying active, rather than body image or weight loss. Needs to have a true commitment to planning in advance and creating structured sessions. Activities could include stretches, physically active games, yoga, run/walks, biking, etc. We have lots of indoor and outdoor space to work with. 2-3 afterschool sessions per week, 30-45 mins per session. Looking to start in the spring but would consider starting immediately with the right plan for indoor activities. Central Riverdale. $30/hr. 

Job title: - Babysitter - Posted 1-9-18
Contact: Ariana– 718-593-7914
Description: Description: I am in Grand Jury Duty and am looking for a part time baby sitter to pick up my kids  (5 and 8 years old )from school and take them home ( Skyview) on Tuesday at 4pm, Wednesday at 4pm and Thursday at 2:20 (it is until 6:30/7:00 pm).


Job title: - Babysitter - Posted 1-9-18
Contact: Anya – Designersha@gmail.com
Description: Babysitting needed in Central Riverdale for few days a week for after school care for an 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy on Thursdays 2-6pm and other days TBDFor more info please email.

Job title: - Part time Babysitter - Posted 1-9-18
Contact: Sharon – 917-608-4557 – ssiderow@hotmail.com
Description: I’m looking for a part time babysitter to pick up my kids after school, help with homework and after school activities. Looking for someone reliable who’s interested in a long term, steady job with a great family in Riverdale. Pick up from school between 2-4pm until 6-6:30pm with occasional later stays. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: - Part time Babysitter - Posted 1-9-18
Contact: Jessica Hirsch – 917-282-1949 – jhirsch@bankstreet.edu
Description: I am looking for a sitter for about 10-15 hours a week. Each afternoon the job would include: meeting our 4th grader at his bus near our house in North Riverdale at either 3:35, 4:50, or 1:55, depending on the day, walking the dog, giving our son a snack & maybe dinner, depending on when I get home. I would like someone who is definitely available on Tuesday & Friday and then either Monday or Thursday. A driver's license is a plus & a car of your own is an added bonus. Please contact me if interested.

Job title: - Part-time Babysitter/Homework Help -Posted 1-9-18
Contact: Alyssa Klapper – klapperster@gmail.com
Description: Seeking energetic and fun part-time babysitter/homework helper in central Riverdale (246th st).  Hours and days flexible, but ideally 3:15 -7 pm, one or more days a week, later evenings or weekends can work as well. We are a fun friendly family with four children.  CPR training preferred.  Please email with experience and references.

Job title: Afternoon Babysitter - Posted 1-2-18
Contact: Margaret Forgione – mmbassman@optonline.net – 917-763-0563
Description: We are looking for an afterschool babysitter for two girls, ages 10 and 13. Hours are Monday through Friday 2:30 - 6:30 pm. We are located three blocks from Manhattan College.  Responsibilities include picking kids up from school, taking them to various activities, hosting playdates and helping with homework. Must be dependable and responsible. 20/hour. If you are interested or have referrals, please email or text.

Job title: Afternoon Babysitter - Posted 1-2-18
Contact: Tami Weitzman – Tami@weitzman.us – 917-449-2620
Description: Family with 3 kids ages 15, 12, and 7 is looking for an afternoon babysitter weekdays from 3-7pm. Duties include waiting for my first grader to get off the school bus and helping with homework.  Drivers that can pick up my middle schooler at a local school would be preferred. References required.

Job title: Home Office Assistant - Posted 12-22-17
Contact: Blu Greenberg – 917-701-0999- blugreenberg@gmail.com
Description: Local resident looking for part time in home office assistant for @ 15 hours per week. Duties include general office duties including typing and filing. If interested please call or email.

Job title: Snow Shoveling Needed - Posted 12-15-17
Contact: Betty Greenfield – 718-432-1080
Description: Local resident looking for student to shovel around home when it snows. If interested please call to discuss.

Job title: Mother’s Helper- Posted 12-15-17
Contact: Rebecca Kobrin – rk2351@columbia.edu
Description: I am looking for a mother's helper 2 nights a week [6pm-9pm] and perhaps once a month on a weekend to take care of my son age 6.  Person must have experience with helping with homework and have a reference that can speak to their experience.  I live 3 blocks from campus, so person must feel comfortable walking to and from my home. Position can start immediately. Please email if interested.


Job title: Babysitter - Posted 12-11-17
Contact: Stephanie Hartman – hartmansl@gmail.com
Description: Looking for a part-time after school babysitter M-Th 3:15-6:30 and Fri 1:30-5 (with some flexibility), in Central Riverdale.

Job title: Babysitter - Posted 12-07-17
Contact: Vicky – 646-249-4750 – Vikis527@aol.com
Description: Looking for someone who is reliable, loves children for my 2 sons, who are 6 and 8 years old. Starting from December 18th until middle of January. To pick them up from school, take them to their activities, and homework. Please contact me for more information. 

Job title: Piano Teacher - Posted 12-01-17
Contact: Marisa – marisa914@gmail.com
Description: Seeking an experienced musician with experience teaching music for weekly piano lessons for a 7 and 5year old. In central Riverdale.

Job title: Babysitter - Posted 12-01-17
Contact: Sharonna – sharonnabloom@gmail.com – 646-430-0105
Description: I am a Riverdale Mom and I am looking for an after school babysitter Monday/ Wednesday afternoon 3:40-6:30ish-- flexible on the exact timing.  The job entails picking my 7 year old up from the bus at 3:40 in front of my building (we live at HHP and 236th) and hanging out and helping her do homework until 5:15 when you pick up my 3 year old from day care around the corner.  I will leave dinner and usually be home by 6:30 and pay is $16 per hour-- 6 hours per week about $100 per week.  Looking for someone to start either ASAP or in January after the holidays.