Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do academic advisors contact students?

     The student’s Assistant Dean/Academic Advisor will pursue students through the following channels (and in the following order) until contact is made:

    • Email
    • Scheduled Google Meets
    • Jasper Connect
    • Phone calls
  • What if I received accommodations in High School?

    Policy and procedural guidelines for individuals covered by the mandates set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504. All members of the college community are required by federal law to be aware of and adhere to the basic policies and procedures pertaining to the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Questions and comments should be directed to the Specialized Resources Center (SRC).

    The student is encouraged to contact the resource office directly. 

    Contact information:

    Phone: 718-862-7409

    Fax: 718-862-7808

    TTY: 718-862-7885

  • Where do I go if I need help in a class?
    It depends on the type of help you are requesting. SCPS encourages the student to always speak with the instructor of the class directly. After the student has met with the professor and continues to need additional assistance, students can always contact their academic advisor.
  • How do I enroll in classes every semester?
    SCPS programs offer advising sessions prior to the registration period. The schedule is broken down into programs and cohorts. Three weeks prior to the advising sessions, the Registrar’s Office applies advisor holds on all student records. In order for the advisor hold to be removed, students must attend an advising session. The academic advisor reaches out to students through emails and JasperConnect. All students are required to register through self-service. Self-service can be located under Quick Links. Instructions and directions are provided through the advising sessions.
  • How do I check my hold records before meeting with my advisor?
    During the advising sessions, students are directed to review all hold records through self-service. Self-service, student tab, Records, View all holds.
  • What is an academic advisor hold and how do I remove the hold?
    Before each registration period, students will automatically have an advisor hold on their student account. Once the student attends an advising session, the advisor hold will be removed.
  • How many courses do I register for per semester?

    At minimum MSOL/BSOL students register for 2 courses per semester. Once the student has discussed their academic plan with their advisor, the student can register for more than 2 courses depending on their specific academic plan.

    Camino students are required to register for 12 credits or more per semester. The academic advisor will review each student’s academic plan to determine the number of credits.

  • How can I confirm I registered correctly?
    A student can review their schedule through self-service. Under self-service, student tab, there is a section under registration listed as “Student Detailed Schedule”. Be sure to choose the correct term.
  • How do I determine my college status based on credits I have completed?

    Bachelor’s Degree

    • Seniors 90+ or more credits 
    • Juniors 60-89 credits 
    • Sophomores 27-89 credits 
    • Freshmen 0-26 credits
  • How do I determine the number of credits that have been transferred from another institution, CLEP exam, or/and from professional training (only those accredited from NCCRS)?

    All transfer credits are reviewed before or during the first academic semester. The assistant dean receives official transcripts and will assess all credits completed with a C or better (undergraduate programs). Once transfer credits have been determined and approved, credits are transferred into the Manhattan College transcript and the student will receive a transfer credit evaluation from the Assistant Dean.  

    Graduate programs will accept 6 credits towards elective requirements.  Courses must be aligned with the leadership curriculum in order to be assessed. The graduate student must contact the Assistant Dean and provide an official transcript for assessment. Approval of graduate credits are determined by the Dean and The Assistant Dean of SCPS. Once the transfer credits are approved the Assistant Dean will confirm with the student who has requested credit assessment.

    Program Transfer Credit Breakdown:

    B.S. in Organizational Leadership - 60 credits 

    • 2 religion electives, 1 humanities elective, 1 math elective, 1 science elective, 1 social science elective, 5 liberal arts electives, and 9 open electives (3 credits for each elective)

    B.S. in Allied Health - 63 credits

    • 2 science electives, 2 religion electives, 17 liberal arts/open electives (3 credits for each elective)

    Associates in Liberal Arts - 6 credits

    • Transfer credits apply towards liberal arts electives (transfer credits must be approved by Director of Camino, Assistant Dean, and Dean)
      • 3-6 credits can be transferred in from CLEP as long as the student failed a course.
    • Transcripts with the test score or transfer credits are to be mailed to Manhattan College Graduate Admissions Office.  

    M.S. in Organizational Leadership - 6 credits

    • Transfer credits apply towards electives
    • Must align with leadership curriculum
    • Approved by Dean and Assistant Dean