Advising Philosophy Statement

Academic advising is integral for fulfilling the teaching and learning mission of Manhattan College. Through person-centered academic advising, students learn to become engaged members of the College community, to think critically about responsibilities and expectations as students, and to prepare for lives with personal, academic and professional success. Regardless of the diversity of our schools, our advisors, and our students, academic advising has three components: curriculum and syllabus (what advising deals with), pedagogy (how advising does what it does), and student learning outcomes (the result of academic advising).

Advising Mission Statement

The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (SCPS) is dedicated to supporting the College mission by encouraging, guiding, teaching, and empowering students towards success, both in their academic endeavors, and lifelong activities by becoming active learners and having a superior moral compass.  The SCPS is dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for all students.  The SCPS unites and integrates the student community with all the resources and people who share the mission of the College. 

Academic Advising is the ongoing process throughout the College in order to clarify and re-evaluate academic goals and plans. It helps an individual examine personal, educational, and career goals, and understand how students’ courses fit into their goals for the future. Most importantly, it requires active participation between the advisor AND the student. Advising is mandatory for all SCPS students during every semester and at any point the student fails to make satisfactory academic progress. The student’s academic advisor is available to guide the student throughout the time at the College.

Program Advisors

To effectively, and efficiently accommodate as many students as possible, the Dean's Office offers virtual meetings and walk-in office hours. Students are expected to contact their program advisor to schedule an appointment.

BSOL Program: Kimberly Gargiulo and Judith Johnson

Camino Program: Sharon Munoz, Camino Program Manager

Intensive English Language Program: Jeffrey Vanderwerf, Director of IELP

MSOL Program and Transfer Credit Evaluator: Rosemary Osso, Assistant Dean of SCPS

Nuclear Medicine Program: Heidy Palacios, Director of NMT

Radiation Therapy Program: Angela Oliverira, Director of RHP


SCPS Advising Syllabus