Mission Month

lasallian quoteWith great gusto and grace and patience, every day we bring to life the distinctive and sacred Lasallian Catholic Mission of Manhattan College. While we live out the Mission year-round, every April we celebrate Mission Month so that we might be even more mindful of all the good works happening on campus that exemplify our Lasallian heritage and contribute to the realization of our mission. Throughout Mission Month we call to mind the value and vibrancy of the Lasallian charism today as we reflect upon and highlight the hallmarks of our Lasallian heritage that inspire our mission as well as that of the global Lasallian educational network:

  • Excellence in teaching 
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Reflection on faith and its relation to reason
  • An emphasis on ethical conduct
  • Commitment to social justice

All are encouraged to attend and to participate in the Mission Month events found on the calendar below. These are excellent examples of how faculty and staff collaboratively bring to life the Lasallian heritage by modelling for our students the connection between learning and living, reflection and action, and personal development and preparation to be of service to others.

Join Us for Mission Month!