Calendar for Integrated Planning and Assessment Processes

Annual Goals and Reports / Budget Planning / Strategic Plan Assessment (2018-19)


Mission & Strategic Plan Assessment Process

Annual Goals and Report Process, aligning with Strategic Plan

Budget Planning Process, aligning with Strategic Plan

September 21

Following their summer 2018 meetings, the Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) provide guidance to faculty assessing student learning and academic program effectiveness and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) provided guidance to Administrators assessing effectiveness of Administrative Support Units. Feedback reports sent to Chairs, Deans, and Administrators

(1) Discuss and agree upon Prior Year Administrative Approach
(2) Develop new strategies and funding level requests for Student Fees
(3) Review Prior Year Budget Workshop Initiatives for approval

October 11

Board of Trustees provided with FY 2019 Operating Budget Projection and Prior Year
(1) Determine Comprehensive Compensation Adjustments for FY 2019
(2) Complete planning for prior year business plans - new programs - FY 2019

October 18

Trustee Mission & Strategic Plan Committee briefed on Strategic Working Group Plan

Based on Consultant’s Report, VPs for Finance, Enrollment Management and Provost set the Enrollment Managements overall goals

October 25

VP for Finance presents Proposed Budget Assumptions to President’s Cabinet for preliminary review

October 31

VP for Finance discusses centralized Capital Planning with the President’s Cabinet

November 7

The Undergraduate entering freshmen and transfer number is finalized

November 26
Expense Models with agreed upon Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Scenarios – Three- year budget model will reflect the Undergraduate enrollment – returning, Tuition Rate, Aid Budget, Room and Board Number and Rate, Graduate and all other rates and numbers, Unrestricted Gift Proposed Budget, and Proposed Salary and Benefits Rates
November 28

Vice Presidents review 2018-19 Annual Goals and Objectives and department plan. Anticipate entering 2019-20 Annual Goals and Objectives and any resource future resource requests that may be tied to objectives.

  • Chairs, Program Directors, & Staff enter 2019-20 Annual Goals in Taskstream by Feb 2, 2019
  • Deans and Directors by Feb 16, 2019
  • President’s Cabinet discussed first draft of Multi-Year Operating and Capital Budget Model with Projected Assumptions
  • Review and approve the Three-Year Budget Model (FY19-FY21)
  • VP of Finance establishes Capital Review Committee to implement Centralized Capital Budgeting
November 30

Acad. Dept. Chairs and Program Directors review Program Learning Goals and Objectives Curriculum Map in Taskstream

December 13

Trustee Mission & Strategic Plan Committee briefed on Strategic Working Group Plan

Board of Trustees reviews and approves the Three-Year Budget Projection (FY19-FY21)

December 14
  • Position Control reviews conducted by Vice- Presidents and Provost for determination of accuracy

  • All Capital requests are submitted by December 14th

January 28

Initial Opening Meeting and Instructions: Cost Center Managers provide Finance Office budget adjustment requests for FY20 – activate Taskstream process and instructions

  • Managers utilize Self Service Budget Tool for Organizational Budget Development and Accuracy - Recurring Budget requests and Adjustments only
  • Review Position Control for accuracy with Cost Center Managers for position adjustments and new position requests finalized
  • New Position Requests are submitted to Division VPs for approvl and then submitted to Human Resources (not submitted in Taskstream)
February 1
  • Deadline: Pre-Tenured Faculty Members provide individual 2018-19 Faculty Report to Chair/Program Directors, Dean, and Provost

    Deadline: Chairs, Program Directors, & Staff enter 2019-20 Annual Goals Objectives & Resource requests in Taskstream for Dean and Director Review


February 15

Deadline: Deans and Directors enter 2019-20 Annual Goals, Objectives & Resource requests in Taskstream for Vice President/Provost review.


February 27 

Deadline: Vice Presidents/Provost enter 2018-19 Annual Goals, Objectives & and Resource requests in Taskstream for President

Deadline: Cost Center Managers

  • finalize Position Control for new position requests and adjustments; finalize budget adjustment requests with the Finance Office.
  • submit new budget requests in Taskstream (Capital is processed through the CRC and not in Taskstream; New Position Requests are submitted directly to Human Resources)
March 18-22
Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

March (TBD)
Trustees briefed on KPI Dashboard and Strategic Working Group Progress
*Date to be determined post board meeting



TBD, 2019



March 26
Finance Office integrates efficiencies and effectiveness plan into each Budget Model
March 27 

Cabinet Reviews and President circulates draft of College-wide 2019-20 Annual Goal priorities, requesting feedback from College Community by April 26

Complete Final Draft of Core Revenue and Expense Model: President’s Cabinet discussion related to our strategies to prioritize proposed Strategic Initiatives for FY20 and beyond

April 12 

Deadline: Each Faculty Member provides individual 2018-19 Faculty Activity Report to Chair/PD, Dean, and Provost

Finalize Multi-Year Capital Plan with the CRC

April 16

President discusses draft of College-wide 2019-20 Annual Goal priorities with MC Senate

Finance and HR complete review of Promotions, New Position Requests, Exceptions, Leaves, Sabbaticals, Adjuncts, etc. and Develop Projections

April 26 Deadline: College community to provide President feedback on draft of College-wide 2019-20 Annual Goals

Submission of Draft FY20 Operating and Capital Budget to the President

May 8 

President’s Cabinet Budget Workshop to determine final FY20 budget assumptions, proposed operating and capital budget and strategic initiatives to be funded

May 17

Headcount Goals are Finalized based on deposit results

May 22

President’s Cabinet reviews and approves final FY20 budget with refined final operating and capital budget based on freshman, transfer and preliminary graduate results

May 30

 FY20 Operating and Capital Budget finalized by the President

June 13

Board of Trustees reviews and approves Three Year Operating and Capital Budget (FY19-FY21)

June 14 

Deadline: Chairs/Program Directors, and Directors Reporting to AVPs provide 2018-19 Annual Dept/Program Report and Outcomes Assessment Report (OARs) to Dean in Taskstream

June 20

Deadline: Deans and AVPs provide all 2018-19 Annual Reports to VPs/Provost in Taskstream.

June 27 

Deadline: VPs/Provost provide all 2018- 19 Annual Reports (including division level from VP) to President in Taskstream.

July 8-26

Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) reviews 2018-19 Annual Reports

July 15-August 5

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) reviews 2018-19 Annual Reports

August 2019 (Date TBD)

Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) provides feedback to College leaders.

August 2019 (Date TBD)

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) provides feedback to College leaders.