Planning, Budgeting & Annual Reporting

Institutional Effectiveness Cycle

The purpose of Manhattan College's institutional effectiveness cycle is to continuously assess and measure the extent to which the College is fulfilling its Lasallian Catholic mission, making progress in its strategic plan (Renewing the Promise 2025), and effectively allocating its resources for these priorities.

  • The IE cycle is the academic calendar year, based on the College's budget from July 1st through June 30th.
  • The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) and the Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) provide feedback to leadership in the summer following each academic year.
  • The cycle coordinates with processes of annual reporting and assessment of student learning, budgeting and the evaluation of progress made in all areas of the strategic plan (core goals, key strategies and implementing mechanisms strategic plan).
  • Flowchart: Cycle of Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment Committees

At the heart of the institutional effectiveness cycle is the work of campus-wide assessment committees, comprised of peers representing each division and school within Manhattan College. Committee members review the quality of assessment materials which are submitted in the annual reporting process.

The Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) reviews the quality of assessment data and reports used to measure student learning, as well as the annual administrative reports submitted by academic department chairs and program directors. A rubric is also used by AAC members, working in teams of two to review the assessment work, using a rubric to provide consistent feedback based on the appropriateness of the measures used to determine if program learning goals have been met and where/how student learning can be improved. 

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) reviews annual administrative reports submitted by college administrators. The charter of the IEC is to review of the quality of the assessment reports addressing administrative goals and initiatives, which support student learning. A rubric is used by terms of two IEC members, assessing each annual administrative report. The use of the rubric helps to provide more consistent feedback regarding how well the goal is tied to the strategic plan and whether the measures used can adequately determine whether the goal is achieved.

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